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Silva Declared the Winner.Dalua
Douglas Silva at 112+kph (70+ mph) down Teutonia. Photo Marcus Rietema

Teutonia Brazil – Rain spelled complete disaster for the Malarrara Pro Teutonia World Cup. Both Saturdays and Sunday’s activities were canceled due to heavy rain and thunder storms that created unsafe conditions on the race-course and caused flooding in the city of Teutonia. Final results were based on the lone qualifying run made on Friday. Douglas Silva earned the victory based on those times with Kevin Reimer finishing second and Everton Alves was third.

Scoot Smith clinched the 2008 World Cup Series title. Photo Marcus Rietema

Teu Alves
Brazilian Everton Alves finished an impressive third. Photo Marcus Rietema

Teu Mischo
Mischo Erban was the highest finisher with no prior Teutonia experience. Photo Marcus Rietema

Scoot Smith also clinched the 2008 World Cup Series Championship. Kevin Reimer was the only skater with a mathematical chance of beating Scoot coming into Teutonia. Reimer needed to win both Teutonia and the upcoming race in South Africa to win the title. By him finishing second, Smith automatically clinches the 2008 title.
Teu leathers
Erik Lundberg, Bricin Lyons, Douglas Silva, Pete Connolly, Scoot Smith and Kevin Reimer awaiting the start. Photo Marcus Rietema

Teu Concession
One of the trackside concession tents set up for the spectators. Photo Marcus Rietema

Teu Lundberg
Erik Lundberg showing off his "Swedish Torpedo" prototype. Photo Marcus Rietema

The rain also ruined any chances for the riders to make attempts at the official speed record. Next year the organizers have already decided to expand the event to four days giving more opportunity to complete it should rain strike again. Everyone was really disappointed but it did turn into a great social event with a huge party lasting the entire weekend.
Teu Marcus
Marcus Rietema doing an interview for ESPN Brasil. Photo Alexandre Maia

Teu Lodge
All the riders stayed at the Lagoa da Harmonia Resort. Photo Marcus Rietema

Teu Buffet
The daily lunch and dinner buffet at Lagoa da Harmonia was awesome. Photo Marcus Rietema

Teu Cows
The Teutonia landscape is a mixture of farms and jungle. Photo Marcus Rietema

Teu Paolo Maia
Promotor Paolo Martins and IGSA South American Rep Alexandre Maia watching the action. Photo Marcus Rietema

Special thanks go out to Event Promotor Paolo Martins, the entire event staff including Gilberto & Ivandro, IGSA South American Representative Alexandre Maia and event title sponsor Malarrara. We look forward to Teutonia in 2009 and will hope for better weather.
Final Results
Downhill  Skateboarding
No. Surname Firstname Nat Qualifyed
1 Silva Douglas BRA 1:20.452
2 Reimer Kevin CAN 1:23.455
3 Alves Everton BRA 1:24.198
4 Erban Mischo CAN 1:24.957
5 Finck Rafael BRA 1:24.967
6 Garcia Alysson BRA 1:25.421
7 Lunderg Erik SWE 1:25.800
8 Smith Scott CAN 1:25.852
9 Brasil Vinicius BRA 1:26.190
10 Mercante Alexandre BRA 1:26.528
11 Bastos Rafael BRA 1:26.977
12 Garcia Silon BRA 1:27.076
13 Alemparte Diego CHI 1:27.649
14 Pacifici Arthur BRA 1:27.820
15 Malessa Wendel BRA 1:28.345
16 Oliveira Sandro BRA 1:28.361
17 Connolly Pete GBR 1:28.556
18 Lamb Fabio BRA 1:29.180
19 Martins Felipe BRA 1:29.447
20 Cassemiro Juliano BRA 1:29.811
21 da Rosa Antonio BRA 1:30.361
22 Paletti Luciano BRA 1:30.539
23 Sabella Rafael BRA 1:30.639
24 Stein Henrique BRA 1:30.696
25 Arrata Michel BRA 1:30.954
26 Lyons Bricin CAN 1:31.202
27 Lau Ethan USA 1:31.575
28 Rosa Rosa BRA 1:31.952
29 Slalzar Vitor BRA 1:32.303
30 Castagna Vinicius BRA 1:32.459
31 Dubois Justin USA 1:33.320
32 Junior Paulo BRA 1:33.722
33 Gomes Johnny BRA 1:34.743
34 Cazon Diego BRA 1:35.701
35 Guilherme Joao BRA 1:35.828
36 Cabral Henrique BRA 1:35.915
37 Marques Israel BRA 1:36.651
38 Ignacio Rene CHI 1:38.101
39 Paixao Carlos BRA 1:41.314
40 Carvalho Bruno BRA 1:42.632
41 Preto Andre BRA 1:43.456
42 Netto Abel BRA 1:45.335
43 Torres Andre BRA 1:51.120
44 Haddad Hugo BRA DNF
45 Junior Walter BRA DNF
Final  Results
Street  Luge
No. Surname Firstname Nat Qualifyed
1 Araujo Denis BRA 1:17.221
2 Lemes Caue BRA 1:17.847
3 Saldaha Rodolpho BRA 1:19.866
4 Jardim Mario BRA 1:20.518
5 McBride Chris USA 1:22.848
6 Alves Jacques BRA 1:37.171
Final  Results
Classic  Luge
No. Surname Firstname Nat Qualifyed
1 McBride Chris USA 1:27.113
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