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Phillips and Naude Lead Qualifying

 Glen Phillips ws
Glen Phillips on his way to qualifying #1 Images: Sharon Le Grange

Fair Cape, South Africa- Early morning rain greeted all the riders on the first day of the Fair Cape Downhill Challenge, the first event of the year for SAGRA. What was the talk of the week amongst all the riders was how the weather was going to play and as the weather report forecast, it rained for the better part of the morning.

This gave the organizers the opportunity to work out all the aches and pains of getting the first race of the year going and by the time the road was dry all the riders were prepped and ready to go. 
Anton Pratt put in a strong run to qualify 2nd.
Fair Cape is the fastest racing hill in Cape Town and with perfect conditions riders can reach speeds over 100 km/h (62 mph), unfortunately due to the NW wind blowing up the coarse the speeds were kept in the mid to high 80's. None the less riders were super amped to get on the coarse and get some rad riding in. With the help of our dedicated Marshall's and the very efficient Mitsubishi shuttle, the day ran smoothly with plenty of practise runs before qualifies.
Group 1 ws
A group of skaters on a flying run at Fair Cape

Russel Naude took the top spot in both Classic Luge and Street Luge, drawing consistent runs down the FC coarse. One of the highlights of the event was the increased numbers in the Street Luge category. What was once just a three man category has now grown to ten riders and even included the first female street luger in South Africa taking the 7th spot. Well done to Russel Naude for putting the effort in and getting the numbers up in the Street Luge category.
Dave Hort ws
Dave Hort qualified 5th.

As with the Street Luge so has the Downhill Skateboarding category increased in new riders. Glen Philips, who won the last Fair Cape Downhill Challenge in December 2008 beating two of the fastest riders in the world Misho Erdan and Mike Zietsman in the finals, took the top spot with a time of 1.45.0 beating his next rival Anton Pratt who got a time 1.51.0. to take the number two spot.
Shuttle ws
Riders packed on the shuttle for the ride to the top.

The weather forecast for race day is a Southwest wind and will bring a much needed tailwind down the FC drop increasing the speed, making racing tight and fast.
Faircape Downhill Challenge 2010  
  Qualifying Results    
Downhill Skateboarding  
Pos First Last NAT Time
1 Glen Phillips RSA 01:45.1
2 Anton Pratt RSA 01:50.6
3 Richard Dweza RSA 01:50.6
4 Matthew Arderne RSA 01:52.0
5 Dave Hort RSA 01:54.1
6 Paul du Plessis RSA 01:55.0
7 Raoul van den Berg RSA 01:55.6
8 Terry Terreblanche RSA 01:55.9
9 Amin Gray RSA 01:56.1
10 Chris Lubbe RSA 01:56.9
11 Ben Malherbe RSA 01:58.0
12 Josh Smit RSA 01:58.6
13 Lloyd Clark RSA 01:58.9
14 Attila Hery RSA 01:59.2
15 Richard vZ ??? RSA 02:03.4
16 Reece ??? RSA 02:04.7
17 Gary Africa RSA 02:05.8
18 Rudi ??? RSA 02:23.6
Street Luge  
Pos First Last NAT Time
1 Russell Naude RSA 01:37.4
2 Waldo Swieglar RSA 01:40.5
3 Brian Isham RSA 01:42.1
4 Glen Phillips RSA 01:44.5
5 jacobus ??? RSA 01:46.2
6 Mike ??? RSA 01:47.6
7 Maryka ??? RSA 01:48.6
8 Monyani ??? RSA 01:50.0
9 Rudi ??? RSA 01:50.0
10 Duayne ??? RSA 01:54.3
Classic Luge  
Pos First Last NAT Time
1 Russell Naude RSA 01:42.9
2 Brian Isham RSA 01:48.3
3 Glen Phillips RSA 01:55.3


Group 2 ws
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