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Mischo Teutonia Trap
Mischo Erban on his way to winning the Stand Up division at a speed or 70.23 mph. 
Photo Alexandre Maia

On June 11, 1978, the fourth and final Signal Hill Speed Run was held in Long Beach, California. John Hutson won the “Stand Up” division using his revolutionary arms back position at a speed of 53.45 miles per hour.

Roger Williams won the “Modified Division” (Lay Down) with a speed of 59.92 miles per hour in a skate car. Tina Trefethen won the Women’s' Modified Division with a speed at 57.69 miles per hour. Unfortunately, she crashed her skate car after the finish line and suffered severe injuries.   The bad press and poor safety led to the demise the popular event.

Over 31 years had passed since the last Speed Run was held at Signal Hill.  On October 25, 2009 the first ever Malarrara Teutonia Speed run was held in Teutonia Brazil.  The speed run was part of the Malarrara Pro Teutonia IGSA World Cup downhill event.  The International Gravity Sports Association sanctioned the speed run and brought out their precision Tag Heuer Speed trap to accurately record official speeds.

Unlike the original Signal Hill racecourse that was short and perfectly straight, the Teutonia racecourse has a series of corners at the top followed by a long, extremely steep straightaway.  The track is considerably longer with a length of 1.2 miles and also has a series of rollers along the way.  A crowd estimated at over 2000 gathered to witness the rebirth of skateboard speed racing.

Using the original Signal Hill race as a model, there were two divisions.  The largest category was the “Stand Up” division for those riding their conventional boards in a standing position.  The “Modified Division” (Lay Down) was for those who rode in a supine (feet first) position on highly modified skateboards.

Dalua Teutonia Trap
Douglas Silva finished 2nd in Stand Up with a speed of 69.75 mph.  Photo Alexandre Maia
Finishing second was Douglas “Dalua” Silva from Sao Leopoldo, Brazil with a speed of 69.75 mph.  Third place went to Kevin Reimer from Vancouver, Canada with a speed of 68.98 mph.  Finishing fourth was Martin Siegrist from Liestal, Switzerland with a speed of 67.63 mph.

 Siegrist Teutonia Trap
Martin Siegrist posted a speed of 67.63 mph.  Photo Alexandre Maia 

 McBride Teutonia Trap
Chris McBride went 80.70 mph to win the modified division.  Photo Alexandre Maia

In the modified division it was Chris McBride from Bellevue, Washington, USA who eclipsed the 80 miles per hour mark with a speed of 80.70 mph.  Coming in second was Will Stephenson from Worcester, England with a speed of 80.39 mph.  Third place went to Leo Borton from Sao Paolo, Brazil with a speed of 79.96 mph.  Mario Jardim who also comes from Sao Paolo finished fourth with a speed of 79.11 mph.

Siegrist Teutonia Trap
Will Stephenson finished second in Modified at 80.39 mph.  Photo Alexandre Maia
Plans are already underway for next years event that will take place November 12-14, 2010.  For additional information on the Malarrra Teutonia Speed Run and the IGSA World Cup Downhill Series visit

Malarrara Teutonia Speed Run Results

Stand Up Division          
Pos No. Surname First Name Nat Speed
1 38 Erban Mischo CAN 70.23 mph
2 8 Silva Douglas BRA 69.75 mph
3 42 Reimer Kevin CAN 68.98 mph
4 20 Siegrist Martin SUI 67.63 mph
5 9 Alves Everton BRA 67.24 mph
6 43 Smith Scott CAN 65.62 mph
7 31 Gomes Thiago BRA 64.45 mph
8 24 Bastos Rafael BRA 63.69 mph
9 23 Junior Paulo BRA 63.59 mph
10 30 Garcia Silon BRA 62.94 mph
11 21 Ballesteros Max BRA 62.93 mph
12 22 Munhoz Otavio BRA 62.59 mph
13 40 Lamb Fabio BRA 62.12 mph
14 32 Macaco Vinicius BRA 60.97 mph
15 7 Alemparte Diego CHI 60.53 mph
16 33 Castagna Vinicius BRA 59.27 mph
17 34 Salazar Vitor BRA 58.61 mph
18 4 Vasconcellos Daniel BRA 57.93 mph
19 17 Cassemiro Juliano BRA 57.72 mph
20 2 Carvalho Bruno BRA 57.61 mph
21 36 Randal William BRA 56.54 mph
22 10 Festugatto Everton BRA 54.21 mph
23 12 Lanna Flavio BRA 52.42 mph
24 35 Junior Walter BRA 51.99 mph

Modified Division (Lay Down)          
Pos No. Surname First Name Nat Speed
1 51 McBride Chris USA 80.70 mph
2 56 Stephenson Will GBR 80.39 mph
3 54 Borton Leo BRA 79.96 mph
4 55 Jardim Mario BRA 79.11 mph
5 53 Bundrish Lauro BRA 74.78 mph
6 52 Cossia Gilberto BRA 74.00 mph
Classic Luge    
Pos No. Surname First Name Nat Speed
1 62 McBride Chris USA 76.41 mph
2 63 Stephenson Will GBR 74.84 mph
3 61 Johnson Andreas SWE 74.02 mph
4 64 Silva Rafael BRA 67.17 mph
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