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The International Gravity Sports Association (IGSA) announced today that the GoFast Speed Days World Cup event is returning to Eastbourne, England, September 5-7, 2008. 

The Inaugural event was held in September 2007 to enthusiastic crowds who experienced gravity racing for the very first time. Downhill Skateboarding will once again be the headlining event with Street Luge, Classic Luge, Gravity Bike and Downhill Inline Skating also on the schedule. Plans are also underway to add a slalom skateboarding competition.

The event has the complete support of the Eastbourne Town Council and sponsors GoFast and Lush Longboards. According to promoter Tom Worsley, “We are looking at lots of new ideas to bring even more audience spectacle to an already popular event including floodlighting the course, and running freeride sessions through the night” The Town Council is planning to resurface the road for the 2008 event.

“We are also talking about audio-visual additions such as a big screen with live footage, and a rolling scoreboard, so that the audience can keep up with the on the track action at any time. GoFast! also have access to a wireless helmet-cam system that can feed real-time live footage from the rider's point of view, directly up onto the audience screen!” said Worsley

For additional information on the event got to www.gofastspeeddays.com