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Here you'll find a complete report of Maryhill Festival of Speed :

Day One Report

Day 1 of the Maryhill Festival of Speed saw lot's of very stoked skaters and a lot of great riding. All participants made their way through registration and tech inspection before venturing onto the hill. It was a bright and sunny day with temperatures in the mid 80's. Everyone seemed happy with the condition of the track, the safety fencing, straw bales and the overall organization from Volcanic Promotions and the IGSA.

Riders took three practice runs before lunch and an additional five after. Many skaters were suffering from weak legs after taking many runs down the long race course! The day of free riding came to an end around 5:00pm. After the days riding there was a nice skate session at the campground skatepark that went on until dark. The evening was finished off by a large gathering of riders who were able to watch videos on a big screen of the days action. The vibe of the event is incredible and everyone seems to be having a great time.

The David Dean autograph session scheduled for Thursday evening at the Goldendale McDonalds just keeps growing. Today the owner asked me if some more top racers could join Dean. Scheduled to appear are David Dean, Martin Siegrist, Mischo Erban, Kevin Reimer, Fredrik Lindstrom, Erik Lundstrum, Beni Weber, Tom Edstrand, Nate Lang, Noah Sakamoto and Billy Meiners who will all be autographing Festival of Speed event posters from 6:00-7:30pm. McDonalds has also donated $600 in gift certificates so that all of the racers can eat for free.

I'll give another report tomorrow on Day 2 of the Festival of Speed.