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IGSA World Cup Series Champions

The IGSA World Cup Series began in 2001 as a way of uniting the numerous events around the world into a meaningful international points series. Each year numerous IGSA sanctioned races are contested around the world. Competing athletes are awarded points based on their final results of each competition. World Cup events award the most points followed by the Continental, National and Regional designations.

Every athlete’s four highest point scoring events are used to determine their individual IGSA World Ranking. If an athlete competes in more than four races during the year, the event(s) that yielded the fewest number of points are dropped. The athlete with the greatest number of points accumulated between January 1st and December 31st of each year earns the title of IGSA World Cup Series Champion for that year.

Downhill Skateboard
Year Name Nationality
2014 Carlos Correia-Paixao Brazil
2013 Douglas Silva Brazil
2012 Douglas Silva Brazil
2011 Patrick Switzer Canada
2010 Kevin Reimer Canada
2009 Mischo Erban Canada
2008 Scott "Scoot" Smith Canada
2007 Erik Lundberg Sweden
2006 Fredrik Lindström Sweden
2005 Thomas Edstrand Canada
2004 Sebastian “Bassi” Haller Germany
2003 Stuart Bradburn South Africa
2002 Werner Bucherl Austria
2001 Chris Chaput United States

Womens Downhill Skateboard
Year Name Nationality
2014 Melissa Brogni Brazil
2013 Melissa Brogni Brazil
2012 Rebekka Gemperie Switzerland
2011 Katie Neilson Canda
2010 Brianne Davies Canada
2009 Dasha Kronienko Canada
2008 Brianne Davies Canada
2007 Sarah Hodel Switzerland
2006 Bettina Luginbühl Switzerland
2005 Bettina Luginbühl Switzerland

Junior 1 Downhill Skateboard   (Age 7 to 13)
Year Name Nationality
2013 Eric Soares Brazil
2012 Greg Paproski United States
2011 Quinn Dubios Canada
2010 Quinn Dubois Canada

Junior 2 Downhill Skateboard  (Age 14 to 17)
Year Name Nationality
2014-Tie Patrick Lombardi Italy
2014-Tie Yan Bretinati Brazil
2013 Yan Bretinati Brazil
2012 Quin Finocchio Canada
2011 Spencer Smith United States
2010 Merrick Wildash Australia

Street Luge
Year Name Nationality
2014-Tie Denis Araugo Brazil
2014-Tie Mikel Echegaray Spain
2013 Frank Williams United States
2012 Abdil Mahdzan Malaysia
2011 Yvon Labarthe Switzerland
2010 Pete Eliot Great Britian
2009 Yvon Labarthe Switzerland
2008 Leander Lacey Africa
2007 Sebastian Tournissac France
2006 Beni Weber Switzerland
2005 David Dean United States
2004 Rian James United States
2003 Richard Knaggs South Africa
2002 Pete Eliot Great Britain
2001 Dave Rogers United States

Classic Luge
Year Name Nationality
2014 Scott Peer United States
2013 Frank Williams United States
2012 Frank Williams United States
2011 Michael Serek Austria
2010 Michael Serek Austria
2009 Michael Serek Austria
2008 Michael Serek Austria
2007 Michael Serek Austria
2006 Beni Weber Switzerland
2005 David Dean United States
2004 Rian James United States
2003 Jeremy Gilder Great Britain
2002 Jeremy Gilder Great Britain
2001 Dave Rogers United States

Inline Board
Year Name Nationality
2010 Robert Richter Austria
2009 Andreas Pfister Germany
2008 Jody Jaggard Great Britian
2007 Andreas Pfister Germany
2006 Nihat Uysal Turkey
2005 Nihat Uysal Turkey

Downhill Inline
Year Name Nationality
2011 Scott Peer United States
2010 Tobias Woehrie Germany
2009 Warren Focke United States
2008 Scott Peer United States
2007 Scott Peer United States
2006 Warren Focke United States
2005 Scott Peer United States
2004 David Lambert United States
2003 Donald Orlando United States
2002 Scott Peer United States
2001 Werner Ladurner Austria

Gravity Bike
Year Name Nationality
2011 Dave Stinton Great Britain
2010 Dave Stinton Great Britain
2009 Alex Frischauf Austria
2008 Brett Phillips Australia
2007 Andreas Johnson Sweden
2006 Dave Kessler United States
2005 Dave Kessler United States
2004 Dave Kessler United States
2003 Dave Kessler United States
2002 Jason Johnson United States
2001 Frank Waterhouse United States

Fairing Gravity Bike
Year Name Nationality
2003 Fermin Rodriguez United States
2002 Matt McLemore United States
2001 Dwight Garland United States