Unfortunately there is a lack of vocabulary for describing that amazing feeling of riding a board – to pass through a landscape sideways. Let’s put the topic more in detail; when you’re tweaking a slide through a sloped corner when the speed, which is pretty high, makes the back wheels slide so far out that you almost hit the hail bails and get thrown off.

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Day-1: On the first day we had free ride but in another road or from the other side of the mountain Cold Izoard, the free ride started in the afternoon where Beni Weber streetluge done 125km/h in the GPS and Bati Swiss guy done 110km/h in standup, the road was nice with two small bumps, great to see the riders go really fast inside the small village.

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Hill Hunters Part 1 of 3

Douglas "Dalua" Silva slide style during the taping of Hill Hunters. Photo Marcus Rietema

Following the recent Malarrara Pro Teutonia World Cup, some of the world's best downhill skaterboarders spent the week caravaning around Southern Brazil filming a series for ESPN Brasil called, "Hill Hunters." The crew included Teutonia winner Douglas "Dalua" Silva, Scoot Smith, Kevin "K-Rimes" Reimer, Mischo Erban, Pete Connolly, Ethan Lau, Bricin "Striker" Lyons, Alexandre Maia, Fernando Yuppie, Felipe Cobra, Henrique Stein, Juliano Cassemiro and a bunch of other Brazilian skaters. Erik Lundberg and Justin Dubois also joined us for the first day. With a solid crew like this, we knew it would be a week to remember! Due to a series of unforeseen events, the trip turned into more of an exercise in international friendships and less about skateboarding. None the less, everyone still had an incredible time.


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Big Air Street Luge