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Condon Wins His 2nd NorAm Race in a Row
 Will pec-2 2011
Street Luge Winner Will Condon was all smiles on Sunday.  Photo: Liz Kinnish

Picton, Canada -William Condon (CAN) won a carnage filled Street Luge race and his second IGSA NORAM Street Luge race in a row at The Prince Edward County Gravity Fest in Picton Ontario, Canada. 

Luge Pack
A large group of street luge's enter turn one during warm up.  Photo Marcus Rietema
The Street Lugers took a vote before racing started and decided to run a super mass six man bracket so that every street luger would be able to compete in Sundays race down the twisty and fast Heights Hill Course. The Lugers knew that it would be tough and they would be proven right.

In the Quarterfinals there were no surprises as the four riders were out of the top 12 were elimated and they were Kelly Koch (CAN), Justin Kleinstuber (CAN), Andi Leslie (CAN) and 3BOB protégée Christian Guerin (CAN).

The Semifinals is where the intensity started.  With 6 man braketing all racers knew that only 3 riders from each heat  would advance. The first Semi would feature number one qualifier Bob Bouchard (CAN), Bob Touchette (CAN), Jamie Reis (USA), Frank Williams (USA), Dylan Wall (CAN) and Nick Kamink (CAN). The run began with local rider Kamink pushing out in the lead next to teammates Touchette and Bouchard right on his bumper. Coming through the first corner, Wall carried much more speed and ran into the back of Touchette nearly taking them both out but the experienced Quebec rider recovered.  Wall could not recover and hit the hay on the outside. Williams and Reis had to slow down to avoid him and were unable to catch up to the lead riders.
Will pec 2011
Will Condon on his way to winning the PEC Gravity Festival.  Photo: Liz Kinnish

In the Second Semi it would be Will Condon (CAN), Kolby Parks (CAN), Bob Lavoie (CAN), Mike Jakubic (CAN), Adam Mis (CAN), and Brennan Anderson (CAN). As they pushed off the line Parks gained the lead with Jakubic and Lavoie close behind. As they headed down Church Street Straight Condon's eight wheel setup and higher weight took over and allowed him to pass all three into the first corner. Coming down Pitt Street straight all were in a line as they braked for Crash Corner. Mis then pulled a veteran Lavoie move on Lavoie coming into Crash Corner and passed him on the inside.  He learned this move well as he was able to hold his line to take third which was the final transfer spot into the finals.
Crash Corner
Second place finisher Kolby Parks heads into Crash Corner.  Photo Marcus Rietema

The Consolation Finals were up next and the Street Lugers would all be racing for seventh to twelfth places. Wall used his prairie boy strength and pushed out into the lead followed by Jakubic, Lavoie, Williams, Reis and Anderson. As the riders approached Crash Corner at about 90 KPH the first two riders missed their braking point along with the apex which sent them into the bales.  Lavoie’s experience kept him out of the bales but the rest of the field was not so lucky as they followed the other rider right into the bales also.  Carnage and confusion ensued as the riders tried to get themselves out of the pile of hay that they had created and find their lost boards to finish the race. Lavoie cruised to a easy win with Wall getting back to his board first followed by Williams, Jakubic Reis and Anderson.
The Street Luge Final was next and it would be just as exciting as the consolation. As the riders pushed away the Quebec riders Touchette and Bouchard pushed into the lead followed by Condon, Kamink, Mis and Parks. All the racers pushed hard through the first three corners and because of this they were going as fast as ever down the straight.  Coming into Crash Corner Touchette and Bouchard misjudged their braking point and went into the bales. Condon was able to avoid the Bobs but Kamink and Mis could not. Parks having braked early to get some distance had enough room to get through but hit a stray bale thrown onto the track which slowed him down. Condon would cruse to the win followed by Parks. Bouchard was able to recover quickly and captured third followed by Kamink, Touchette and Mis.
Luge Podium
Street Luge Podium L-R: 2nd Parks, 1st Condon, 3rd Touchette.  Photo Marcus Rietema
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