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Pang Daddow
Steve Daddow and Mischo Erban battling at Newton's Playground, Bathurst, Australia.  Photo: David Pang

Stephan Daddow has been the face associated with Australian downhill skateboarding for many years. In 2003 Steve sold all of his possesions and committed to spending the entire year traveling to all of the major races around the world.

No one has ever been more stoked on skateboard racing than Stephan Daddow. Steve has been heavily involved with getting skateboard racing off the ground in Australia and in front of the media. He's introduced and taught many of the fastest Aussie downhill and slalom racers. He's also deeply involved with the Australian Skateboard Racing Association (ASRA) who were instrumental in bringing Newton's Playground to Bathurst. Daddow is one of the true pioneers of skateboard racing in Australia.

Daddow 1

Stephan Daddow relaxing in Australia

20 Questions: Stephan Daddow as-t

1.  Q: What sports do you compete in?
   A: Downhill Skateboard and Slalom          

2.  Q: How long have you been riding and racing?
   A: I have been riding a skateboard for 26 years, starting out on a skinny plastic skateboard and then conventional short boards. I finally made my way to the F-1 of skateboards, the longboards and Slalom boards… I have been racing since 2003..

3.  Q: What was your coolest moment in the sport?
   A: Skating in Italy with Yorck Dertinger, Stephan Risch, Stu Bradburn, Bussi Haller, and Aki  von Glasow for German Playboy.  The roads were totally insane.. One road had 48 hairpins……………

4.  Q: What races do you plan to compete in this year?
   A: I’ve done Newton’s Playground WC here in Australia and hoping to get some good sponsors so I can get to all the races for both Downhill and Slalom.

5.  Q: What are your goals for the 2008 season?
   A: Well, Mischo Erban wants me to go to Maryhill, and I would like to as well, but I’d really like to race in the 3 World Cups in Europe and Maryhill…

6.  Q: What is your favorite event?
   A: Newton’s Playground or Almabtrieb.

7.  Q: What kind of equipment did you use?
   A: Downhill – Kebbek Jim Z Flush cut with Jim Z Trucks and Wheels
Slalom - Pavel with rear Spitfire, front Radikal Dragon Claw and wheels

8. Q: Do you have any sponsors?
   A: Cre8ive Sk8 Shop, Rhythm Clothes, Osiris Shoes, Not sure   about the others just yet???

9. Q: Who are your favorite racers?
   A: Darryl Freeman, Erik Lundberg, Haggy Strom, Aki von Glasow, Stuart Bradburn, Mike Zietsman, Kurt Nieschel, Mischo Erban, and Cliff Coleman

10.Q: Where do you live?
   A: I live in Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Steve Daddow 9230
Daddow on his way to winning the Giant Slalom at Newtons, Photo: Bill Fonseca

11.Q: When is your birthday?
A: June 19, 1971, it’s coming up so send me some money please…

12. Q: Are you married or do you have a girlfriend?
   A: Not married. Got a girlfriend for now……….

13. Q: What’s your occupation?
   A: I am a carpenter and a stuntman in the movies

14. Q: What are your hobbies?
   A: Surfing

15. Q: Do you have a website, MySpace and/or facebook?
   A: My website is www.gravitystunts.com, facebook: Stephen Daddow.

16. Q: Do you have any pets?
   A: I have a Ridgeback named Mu-Fasa.

17. Q: What’s your favorite vacation spot?
   A: J Bay, South Africa

18. Q: What’s your favorite food?
   A: Chocolate

19. Q: What’s your favorite music?
   A: Punk, Rock & Roll.

20. Q: Do you have any heroes?
   A: Steve Erwin
Steve Daddow with fellow Aussie Jackson Shapiero at Newton's Playground, Photo: David Pang