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Dalua Leads Reimer in Day 1 Qualifying
Dalua 1 sm

Teutonia, Brazil – Douglas “Dalua” Silva led the first day of qualifying for Sunday’s Malarrara Pro Teutonia IGSA World Cup race.  Dalua turned in a time of 1:21.925 early in the session and waited for his main rivals to unseat him.  Kevin Reimer came the closest with a 1:22.259 placing him in the second position.  Everton Alves currently sits third with a time of 1:22.893.  Carlos Augusto is fourth with a time of 1:23.109 and Danky Dean rounds out the top five with a 1:23.211.
Reimer 1 sm

Erban 1 sm

2009 winner Mischo Erban looked exceptionally fast in morning practice only to crash out on his first qualifying attempt when he carried to much speed into the sweeping left hander.   He now must put in a safe time tomorrow to get into the race and then work his way through the bracket on Sunday to have a chance at repeating last years victory.

Teutonia 2010 sm

L-R Silva getting ready, a look up the course from the finish, Reimer hiding out.  Photos by Erik Lundberg

Open Downhill Skateboarding Qualifying Leaders

1. Douglas Silva, Brazil          1:21.925
2. Kevin Reimer, Canada       1:22.259
3. Everton Alves, Brazil          1:22.893
4. Carlos Augusto, Brazil       1:23.109
5. Danky Dean, Brazil            1:23.211
6. Vinicius Mendez, Brazil      1:25.683
7. Max Ballesteros, Brazil      1:25.697
8. Otavio Munhoz, Brazil       1:26.015
9. Graham Buksa, Canada    1:26.015
10. Erik Lundberg, Canada    1:26.305

 Davies Makes History!

Vukorep 1 sm

Brianne Davies made history today when she became the first woman ever to ride Teutonia.  Davies made the trip to Brazil along with her good friend Dominique Vukorep with the goal of being the first woman to ride Teutonia.  Today both she and Dominique made successful qualifying runs posting respectful times.   Davies posted a time of 1:39.949 and Vukorep posted a time of 1:41.945.   Tomorrow both will be aiming to improve their times.  Davies and Vukorep will also be seeing who will set the Official IGSA Women’s Speed Record in tomorrow’s speed run.

Women's Downhill Skateboarding Qualifying Leaders

1. Brianne Davies, Canada         1:39.949
2. Dominique Vukorep, Canada  1:41.945

Antunes Beats Borton by 1/1000th in Street Luge

Luges sm

Tiago Antunes edged out fellow countryman Leo Borton by 1/1000th of a second to lead first day qualifying in street luge.  Antunes and Borton rocketed down the course at speeds estimated to be in excess of 128 km/h (80 mph) that left everyone in attendance astonished.  Jades Wolverine was third with a time of 1:18.459.  Walter Ribeiro was fourth with 1:19.030 and Jacques Alves rounded out the top five with a time of 1:19;090.  Defending Teutonia Champion Chris McBride had a disappointing run with a time of 1:21.294.  He currently sits in 10th place.

Street Luge Qualifying Leaders

1. Tiago Antunes, Brazil               1:17.369
2. Leo Borton, Brazil                     1:17.370
3. Jades Wolverine, Brazil            1:18.459
4. Walter Ribeiro, Brazil                1:19.030
5. Jacques Alves, Brazil                1:19.090
6. Jonathan Gralha, Brazil             1:19.520
7. Alexandre Machado, Brazil       1:19.907
8. Elcio Goncalves, Brazil              1:20.660
9. Rodolpho Saldanha, Brazil        1:20.814
10. Chris McBride, United States  1:21.294

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