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Switzer Wins His 4th World Cup in a Row!
Calgary Podium sm
Calgary Podium: (L-R) 2nd George Mackenzie, 1st Patrick Switzer, 3rd James Kelly.  Photo Michael Brooke

Calgary, Canada - Patrick Switzer affirmed his complete dominance of the downhill skateboarding world today by winning his fourth consecutive IGSA World Cup race of the year. Switzer played it safe through the first four rounds of the competition with finishes of 2nd, 1st, 2nd and 2nd respectively.

It was only in the final round that he that he laid his full hand on the table pushing into the lead from the start and never relinquishing the lead all the way to the finish.

In his wake, all hell was breaking loose as first Jackson Shapiera and Louis Pilloni were battling back and fourth.  Heading into Seismic Corner the two riders touched wheels scrubbing speed but fortunately neither crashed.  The hiccuop enabled George Mackenzie to move into the second position past Pilloni who dropped to third.  James Kelly also seized the moment to move past Shapiera and into fourth.  As they headed into the final straightaway, it was Switzer in the lead, followed by Mackenzie, Pilloni, Kelly, Shapiera and Niko Desmarais.

As they negotiated the speed bump, Pilloni wobbled and crashed heavily. Fortunately he was uninjured but he was destined to finsh last. At the line it was Switzer taking his fourth win of the season. Mackenzie was second and Kelly benefiting from Pilloni's crash finishing third. Shapiera was fourth, Desmarais fifth and Pilloni got up to finish sixth. Shapiera commented in his post race interview that the race was the closest and hardest fought that he had ever experienced. 

A live audience from around the world was able to follow all of the weekend's events live online.  During Sunday's races, an audience of approximately 13,000 per hour were able to watch the days racing.  We were told this compares to audiences of approximately 2-3,000 that they've experienced watching FIS World Cup Skiing events that they've produced.  The Winsport Canada Cup raised the bar for IGSA World Cup events around the globe and will likely become the blueprint for big international races in the future.

2012 World Championships Announced

After the awards ceremony, IGSA President Marcus Rietema announced that the Winsport Canada Cup has been selected to host the 2012 IGSA World Championships.  The event will be moving to early summer and held July 6-8, 2012. He also announced that the Maryhill Festival of Speed will be held June 27-July 1, 2012 enabling racers from around the world to attend both North American events within a two week period. 

Downhill Skateboard Results
Pos No Surname First Name Nat Qual
1 2 Switzer Patrick CAN 1:29.650
2 67 Mackenzie George CAN 1:31.296
3 6 Kelly James USA 1:29.955
4 10 Shapiera Jackson AUS 1:28.945
5 164 Desmarais Nicolas CAN 1:29.872
6 66 Pilloni Louis USA 1:29.783
7 110 Martin Kyle CAN 1:30.044
8 58 Wipperman Max USA 1:30.685
9 53 Tongue Alex USA 1:30.528
10 146 Maytum Zak USA 1:31.505


Women's Downhill Skateboard Results
Pos No Surname First Name Nat Qual
1 103 Neilson Katie CAN 1:37.177
2 141 Vukorep Dominique CAN 1:38.942
3 41 Daigneault Charlie CAN 1:46.861
4 123 O'Neill Anna CAN 1:52.369


Junior I Downhill Skateboard Results (Age 8-13)
Pos No Surname First Name Nat Qual
1 136 Korman Oliver CAN 1:39.857
2 159 Craddock Jack CAN 1:38.506
3 155 Boudreau Michael CAN 1:40.608
4 137 Smallwood William CAN 1:39.205
5 38 Dubois Quinn CAN 1:45.677
6 145 Bell Tristan CAN 1:54.621
7 160 Yue Kevin CAN 1:53.800


Junior II Downhill Skateboard Results (Age 14-17)
Pos No Surname First Name Nat Qual
1 58 Wipperman Max USA 1:30.685
2 94 Dutton Jacob CAN 1:32.759
3 153 Coleman Wolfgang CAN 1:34.463
4 111 Ciabattini Brett USA 1:36.801
5 77 Hamilton Scott USA 1:37.403
6 134 Darragh Charlie CAN 1:32.694
7 135 Johnston Alex CAN 1:33.853
8 113 Luna Daniel USA 1:35.056
9 70 Slota Mike CAN 1:34.870
10 152 Gillingham Tyler CAN 1:35.173


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