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Kelly sm
James Kelly practices on Friday afternoon.  Photo Liz Kinnish

Kozakov, Czech Republic – Practice for the 2011 Kozakov Challenge got underway Wednesday afternoon following a morning rain delay. Patrick Switzer, James Kelly, Ramon Konigshausen, Scoot Smith, Mischo Erban, Jackson Shapiera, Stefan Reufli, Nicolas Robert and Robin Sandberg who all finished in the Top 16 of the 2010 World Rankings were present and setting the pace in practice. Everyone was looking forward to the first qualifying run on Thursday morning.

Rebekka sm

Rebekka Gemperle is stoked to race Katie Neilsen again.  Photo Dave Kessler

Unfortunately a severe storm rolled in overnight with severe wind, heavy fog and strong rain. Thursday was a complete washout. The riders spent the day in the riders tent and at the nearby restaurant socializing, playing games and watching movies.

Friday’s weather forecast is calling for improving conditions in the afternoon. Organizers are hooping to get in at least one qualifying run to set the brackets for Saturday’s finals. We’re sorry for the lack of reports thus far. We have very limited internet access. 
The riders tent has been the focal point of the event so far...  Photo Dave Kessler

Scoot sm
Scoot Smith sliding through the left-right combination.  Photo Dave Kessler

Luge Carnage sm
Pete Eliot & Yvon Labarthe are already going at it.  Photo Dave Kessler

Ramon Switzer sm
Ramon Konigshausen leads Patrick Switzer and James Kelly in practice.  Photo Liz Kinnish

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