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James Kelly Becomes World Champion


Calgary, Canada - James Kelly came from behind in an action packed final heat to become the 2012 IGSA World Champion.  After a long, hard day of racing, the final six riders lined up for the final heat.  Kevin Reimer, Kyle Wester, Matthew Kroetsch, George MacKenzie, James Kelly and Alex Tongue.  Off the start Reimer took the lead followed by Wester, Mackenzie and Kelly and Tongue.

They made their way through the right hand Edge Boardshop Sweeper in that order but on the exit Wester went down.  Next they worked their way through the Navigator Left, the Sector 9 Hairpin, Loaded Longboards corner and Switchback Longboards Corner with the Reimer building about a three length lead over MacKenzie.  He was being followed closely by Kelly with Tongue a few more lengths back. 

All day long, blustery gusts of wind had been blowing straw on the track as fast as the course marshals could sweep it up at Seismic Corner.  As the riders approached the tight left hander, everyone knew that the riders might be fighting for traction.  Reimer carried the most speed into the corner hoping he could pull out an even bigger lead.  As he exited the corner, he simply couldn't hold his line drifting wide and making hard contact with the bales.  MacKenzie dove to the inside and into the lead with Kelly now in hot pursuit.  Tongue had dropped about ten lengths back at this point making it a two man battle as the entered the Landyachtz sweeper.  Kelly was now squarly in MacKenzie's draft and used it to his perfect advantage.  As they exited the sweeper Kelly pulled alongside as they went over the Bear Bump.  Both riders were able to negotiate the speed bump perfectly and Kelly shot into the lead.  From that point it was smooth sailing to the finish.  Kelly crossed the line first to become the 2012 IGSA World Champion.  MacKenzie was second, Tongue third, Kroetsch fourth, Wester fifth and Reimer sixth. 

After deciding to focus on skateboard racing this season, Kelly had his breakthrough win in Italy four weeks ago and now became the only two time World Cup race winner in 2012.  For his efforts, Kelly earned $3000, MacKenzie $1000 for second and Tongue $600 for third.

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Final Results

1. James Kelly, United States

2. George MacKenzie, Canada

3. Alex Tongue, United States

4. Matthew Kroetsch, Canada

5. Kyle Wester, United States

6. Kevin Reimer, Canada

7. Niko Desmarais, Canada

8. Zak Maytum, United States

9. Louis Pilloni, United States

10. Micah Green, United States

11. Danky Ovalhe, Brazil

12. Patrick Switzer, Canada

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