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The Darnetal French National Championship was held May 2-4 in the French province of Normandy.The event was organized by the Riders en Bray, the French club whose members include Jocelyn Babilot, Jibo Debure and Pascal Blondeau.

Darnetal was the first round of the four-race French Championship.The other events are the Peyragudes Deluxe Cup, Izoard Downhill, and Climont station.

The competition also counted toward the IGSA World Cup Series Rankings as a National race. 151 riders from 10 different countries were present at the start line on Friday for the first day of practice. There was brand new asphalt was covering the road this year and the first day of practice offered 17 runs on the 1.8 km track. Sunny weather with a perfect temperature (about 18 c˚) allowed everybody the opportunity to learn the technical road and the sketchy finish! All the riders were happy to begin the racing season and see each other again. Many top racers were in attendance including 2007 IGSA Street Luge World Champion Gauthier De Kyndt, 2007 IGSA Classic Luge World Champion Jonathan Blottier and 2004 & 2005 IGSA Women’s Downhill Skateboarding World Champion Angelina Nobre.

There were big plans to show the entire event live all weekend on the internet.The video team filmed all day long but unfortunately the live transmission on the IGSA website didn't work. The internet connecting system set up by Jabran Productions encountered technical difficulties. Video was broadcast every evening on French TV with pictures of the day. A DVD will be published during the summer.

On Saturday, each competitor made two qualification runs timed by a Tag Heuer system. Bruno Fuchs set the fastest qualifying time in Downhill Skateboarding. Gauthier De Kyndt was quickest in Street Luge and Jonathan Blottier in Classic Luge. In the women’s classes Angelina Nobre proved why she has been IGSA World Champion twice by setting the fastest times in both Women’s Downhill Skateboarding and Women’s Street Luge!Carol Rivere was the fastest qualifier in Women’s Classic Luge.

Sunday had nice weather and the finals were epic!The final of Downhill Skateboarding was ultra competitive. Sebastian Hertler from Germany earned the win followed by Jocelyn Babilot in second and Bruno Fuchs in third. Current World Champion Gauthier DeKyndt won in Street Luge.2002 IGSA Street Luge World Cup Champion Pete Eliot from Great Britain was second followed Stephane Chaperon in third. In Classic Luge, current IGSA World Champion Jonathan Blottier was victorious followed by Pascal Blondeau in second and Craig Deltour in third.

Registered riders in different categories :

Downhill Skateboarding Men: 64

Downhill Skateboarding Women: 3

Street Luge Men: 23

Street Luge Women: 4

Classic Luge Men: 22

Classic Luge Women: 6

Inlne Men: 34

Inline Women: 3

Skulboard Men: 6

Skullboard Women : 1

Podium results:

Downhill Skateboarding Men: 1 Sebastian Hertler (GER) 2 Jocelyn Babilot (FRA) 3 Bruno Fuchs (SUI)

Downhill Skateboarding Women: 1 Angelina Nobre (FRA) 2 Utah Hang (GER) 3 Rebekka Gemperle (GER)

Street Luge Men: 1 Gauthier Dekyndt (FRA) 2 Peter Eliot (GBR) 3 Stephane Chaperon (FRA)

Street Luge Women: 1 Angelina Nobre (FRA) 2 Carole Riviere (FRA) 3 Severine Mordon (FRA)

Classic Luge Men: 1 Jonathan Blottier (FRA) 2 Pascal Blondeau (FRA) 3 Craig Deltour (FRA)

Classic Luge Women: 1 Carole Riviere (FRA) 2 Angelina Nobre (FRA) 3 Daniela Haller (GER)

Inlne Men: 1 Matthieu Prudent (FRA) 2 David Parent (FRA) 3 Nicolas Varin (FRA)

Inline Women: 1 Marjorie Philippoteau (FRA) 2 Severine (FRA) 3 Marie Marchand (FRA)

Skulboard Men: 1 Claude Gesta (FRA) 2 Christophe Quintaine (FRA) 3 Yogi Maerz (GER)

Skullboard Women: 1 Christine Caron (CAN)

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