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Johan Simonsen Wins the Norwegian Nationals

Norway 1
Photo courtesy of Sorenso

Oslo, Norway -  For the second consecutive year, the Grefsen DH was held at Grefsenkollen in Oslo. For 2011, the event was granted the status of IGSA Norwegian Nationals.  Good weather was predicted, but instead the skaters had to deal with heavy fog.

The course began with a short start before going directly into a sharp right-hand turn followed by a long, fast section. The rest of the course featured sweeping corners until the finish line. Holding a good tuck was critically important and there was no room for making a mistake. The fact that the course was so wide made it possible to run six-man heats. 

Norway 2
Photo courtesy of Sorenso

From bright sunshine to thick fog in minutes

The weather was really changing from bright sunshine to thick fog. The riders had maximum 30 meters sight for the worst, but the problems with the sight came first when it started to get dark. Due to the extra thick fog the organizers had to cancel Women’s class and Junior class. There were a total of 12 freeride runs both Friday and Saturday.
After two qualifying rounds Swedish Adam Persson passed the finish line with a time of 1:32.280 and was the fastest. Christoffer Sanne took second place with the time 1:32.540 just 0.260 behind Persson. Johan Simonsen had to be content with being the third fastest (1:33.960)
Norway 3
Photo courtesy of Sorenso

Tough competition from the first heat
Fog and wet asphalt created a lot of action and surprising results to the audience’s delight. Adam Persson and Adrian Jancey were skating in synchronisity until the semifinals when Persson crashed in the last turn resulting in a dislocated shoulder. It was predicted that Adrian Jancey would take his first victory, but that took an abrupt end in the first turn of the Final heat when he slipped out with Fridtjof Schei. Then there was tight riding until the finish line. Johan Simonsen took first place with Klaes Johansson, Hakon Wegge and Trygve Jørundland finishing in second, third and fourth just a meter behind. Jancey and Schei showed good sportsmanship and cruised over the finish line together.

Grefsen Downhill 2011
Norwegian National Championship
Open Downhill Skateboarding
Final Results

1. Johan Simonsen, Norway
2. Klaes Johansson, Sweden
3. Hakon Wegge, Norway
4. Trygve Jørundland, Norway
5. Adrian Jancey, Norway
6. Fridtjof Schei, Norway
7. Torbjørn Sunde, Norway
8. Henning Philip Patricksson, Norway
9. Sondre Selander, Norway
10. Alexander Hørthe, Norway

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