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Lundberg Qualifies #1!!!

Ronnie Iverson gets into all sorts of trouble during Classic Luge qualifying.  Photo Steve Conaway

San Dimas, CA USA - Erik Lundberg set a blistering time of 1:04.095 on his first qualifying run today and watched as skater after skater tried in vain to best him.  Mischo Erban came the closest with a 1:04.722 on his second run to qualify in the number two position.  Veteran racer John Rogers put in a solid run with a time of 1:04.883 to qualify third.  Micah Green ran a 1:05.763 placing him fourth and Nick Ronzani rounds out the top five with a 1:06.321

Open Downhill Skateboard Qualifying
Top 10

1 Erik Lundberg 1:04.095
2 Mischo Erban 1:04.722
3 John Rogers 1:04.883
4 Micah Green 1:05.763
5 Nick Ronzani 1:06.321
6 Evren Ozan 1:06.645
7 Mike Snydor 1:07.435
8 Connor Wagner 1:07.985
9 Riley Crone 1:07.992
10 Trevor Ovenden 1:09.346

Micah Green set the pace in Jr II Downhill Skateboarding.  Micah posted a time that was even quicker than the one he set in Open.  His 1:05.407 was more than a 1 second faster than the 1:06.633 set  by Evren Ozan who was second.  Connor Wagner rounded out the top three with a 1:07.181

Christian Conaway set the quickest time in Street Luge qualifying.  He was followed in second place by John Rogers.  Brian Lee was third quickest.  In Classic Luge it was Kyle Castaneda qualifying number one.  He was followed by Scott Peer and Christian Conaway respectively.