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Basetti 12
Scoot Smith is the first downhill skateboarder to win the World Cup Series and World Championship in the same year. Photo Catherine Basetti

Glendora, California, USA- The final 2008 IGSA World Cup Series points have been tabulated and the Champions have been announced in each catagory. There was a record level of participation in most of the classes despite tough economic conditions around the world.

Participation in Downhill Skateboarding increased by 17 percent with a total of 538 racers taking starts in IGSA sanctioned events. The fight for the World Cup Series Championship spanned five continents and included nearly every top downhill skateboarder in the world. These facts make Scoot Smith's 2008 performance even more impressive.

2008 IGSA World Cup Series
Downhill Skateboarding Top Ten

1. Scoot Smith, Canada
2. Mischo Erban, Canada
3. Kevin Reimer, Canada
4. Mike Zietsman, South Africa
5. Erik Lundberg, Sweden
6. Martin Siegrist, Switzerland
7. Olivier Bareaud, France
8. Pete Connolly, Great Britain
9. Patrick Rizzo, United States
10. Jackson Shapiera, Australia
Brianne Face
Brianne Davies dominated Women's Downhill Skateboarding with four wins. Photo Marcus Rietema

Women's Downhill Skateboarding participation increased by 37 percent with a total of 26 competitors. More women are getting involved in the sport and the level of talent is also increasing. Brianne Davies completely dominated the class going undefeated in the four IGSA World Cup races that she entered.

2008 IGSA World Cup Series
Women's Downhill Skateboarding Top Five

1. Brianne Davies, Canada
2. Uta Hung, Germany
3. Chiara Poscente, Canada
4. Dasha Kornienko, Canada
5. Bettina  Luginbühl, Switzerland
Leander Face
Leander Lacey finally won the World Cup Series title. Photo Marcus Rietema

Leander Lacey hasn't been a regular competitor on the IGSA World Cup Series circuit for the past few years. The 2004 World Champion put in a string of three wins and a top three finish to win the series title. The sport is at it's strongest point since 2001 when the series still contained events like the X Games and Red Bull DHX.  Participation was up a whopping 26 percent and with 157 competitors approaching the 2001 level of 161 riders.

2008 IGSA World Cup Series
Street Luge Top Five

1. Leander Lacey, South Africa
2. Peter Eliot, Great Britain
3. Yvon Labarthe, Switzerland
4. Eugen Forschner, Germany
5. Abdil Mahdzan, Malaysia
Serek Face
Dr. Michael Serek won his second consecutive Classic Luge World Cup Series title. Photo Marcus Rietema
Dr. Michael "The Flying Dentist" Serek had another great season to earn his second consecutive IGSA World Cup Series Championship in Classic Luge. A total of 99 riders made starts in 2008. Classic Luge participation is on the increase and Serek can expect even more competiton in 2009.

2008 IGSA World Cup Series Top Five
Classic Luge

1. Michael Serek, Austria
2. Yvon Labarthe, Switzerland
3. Chris McBride, United States
4. Abdil Mahdzan, Malaysia
5. Konstantin Weigl, Austria

2008 IGSA World Cup Series Top Three
Inline Skating

1. Scott Peer, United States
2. Warren Focke, United States
3. Dan Benton, Canada

2008 IGSA World Cup Series Top Three
Gravity Bike

1. Brett Phillips, Australia
2. Andreas Johnson, Sweden
3. Mike McIntrye, United States

2008 IGSA World Cup Series Top Three
Inline Board

1. Jody Jaggard, Great Britain
2. Ian Martland, Great Britain
3. Andreas Pfister, Germany

Final 2008 IGSA World Cup Series Points

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