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MFOS 10 Reimer Zak
Kevin Reimer, Zak Maytum and Patrick Switzer running close in Maryhill practice.  Photo Marcus Rietema

Goldendale, WA, USA- Practice for the 2010 Maryhill Festival of Speed began today under perfect conditions.  Clear, sunny skies with the temperature a comfortable 75 F degrees and only a slight breeze were ideal.  The day started off promptly with Registration and technical Inspection beginning at 8:00 am and practice beginning at 9:00am.

12 practice runs were held throughout the day for the 228 competitors participating.  Tomorrow is calling for more great weather for the second full day of practice.
MFOS 10 Scoot
2X Festival of Speed winner Scoot Smith getting down to business.  Photo Marcus Rietema

MFOS 10 Dalua
Douglas Silva making his way through Cowzer Corner.  Photo Marcus Rietema

MFOS 10 Lally
Andy Lally practiced on Wednesday before flying out to Daytona for a sportscar race.  He will fly back on Saturday night to race at Maryhill on Sunday.  Photo Marcus Rietema

MFOS 10 Brianne
Brianne Davies is looking for her fourth straight Maryhill win.  Photo Marcus Rietema

MFOS 10 Ozan
Junior World Champion Evren Ozan was looking fast all day.  Photo Marcus Rietema

MFOS 10 Group
A group of riders make their way through the final corner.  Photo Marcus Rietema
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