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Swiss Rider Earns His 1st World Cup Victory
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Kozakov, Czech Republic- Rain continued to fall off and on the entire day causing the cancelation of the Kozakov Challenge finals.  The weather reports had predicted bad weather on both Friday and Saturday.  Unfortunately both rain and heavy fog spoiled the action on both days.  With the prediction of bad weather, the IGSA officials decided to run both of the qualification runs on Thursday. That turned out to be a really good decision since there was no further chance to run for the remainder of the Event.  Since the final heats were canceled, the final finishing positions were based on the qualifying results.

 Christoph Batt continued his breakthrough season by earning the first World Cup victory of his career.  So far this year Batt has finished fifth at the World Championships, ninth at the Graveyard Call and second at the Padova Grand Prix.  He also finished second at last weeks European Championships.  He now sits solidly in third place of the IGSA World Cup Series points battle with a total of 1678.34.

Kevin Reimer finished second increasing his points lead over Patrick Switzer.  Reimer now has two wins and two second place finishes in 2010 World Cup races.  After Kozakov his points tally now sits at 1765.24.  Since only a racers four best finishes are counted Reimer will only be able to improve his score by earning victories at two of the final three events.  No Open Downhill Skateboarder has ever scored the maximum of 1800 points in a single season.  With Teutonia and Bathurst coming up, two races that Reimer has won before, he could conceivably do it.

Patrick Switzer finished fourth.  Switzer won in Italy, finished second in France and was third at the World Championships.  His points now total 1723.83 and he remains in second place.  Switzer is the only skater who can still beat Reimer to the title.  In order to do it he will need to win two of the next three races and hope Reimer doesn't win again.  With three World Cup races left to go there are still many different scenarios that could play out.  If both Reimer and Switzer were to end up tied at the conclusion of the season, it would come down to who had the better result in their fifth race.

The World Cup Series now takes a three month break before it resumes again in Teutonia, Brazil on the world's fastest race course.  The Malarrara Pro Teutonia will take place November 12-14.  In the meantime there will be a number of National level races taking place in both Europe and North America.  There will also be the first ever IGSA South American Championships taking place in Tarma, Peru October 29-31.  Lot's of racing ts still to come before the season ends December 12th in South Africa. 

Kozakov Challenge
Open Downhill Skateboarding Final Results

1. Christoph Batt, Switzerland         
2. Kevin Reimer, Canada               
3. Jackson Shapiera, Australia       
4. Patrick Switzer, Canada             
5. Andrew Chapman, Canada        
6. Martin Siegrist, Switzerland       
7. Mischo Erban, Canada/Czech    
8. Scoot Smith, Canada                  
9. Erik Lundberg, Sweden              
10. Boris Schinke, Germany           

Top Ten IGSA World Cup Points after Kozakov

1. Kevin Reimer, Canada                      1765.24
2. Patrick Switzer, Canada                    1709.34
3. Christoph Batt, Switzerland               1678.34
4. Scoot Smith, Canada                         1629.01
5. Jackson Shapiera, Australia              1581.30
6. Ramon Konigshausen, Switzerland   1575.31
7. Andrew Chapman, Canada               1543.78
8. Douglas Silva, Brazil                          1542.53
9. Stefan Ruefli, Switzerland                  1501.32
10. Nicolas Robert, Switzerland             1484.56
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