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Konigshausen Leads Day One Qualifying
Ramon Face
Ramon Konigshausen is currently the top qualifier.  Photo Marcus Rietema

Teolo, Italy- Ramon Konigshausen set the pace today in the first round of qualifying for Sunday's Padova Grand Prix.  Konigshausen set a time of 1:59.82 on the 1.6 km twisting course.  The skateboarders have a difficult time accelerating out of the tight corners.

Those who have slalom skateboarding skills that enable them to pump out of the corners have a distinct advantage at Teolo.  Konigshausen is a former slalom skateboarding World Champion who used his pumping skills to the fullest.
Douglas Silva currently sits in second with a 2:00.87.    Dominik Kowalski, who is another former slalom skateboarding World Championsits third with a 2:00.87.  Jackson Shapiera is fourth with a 2:01.41 and Patrick Switzer is fifth with a 2:01.68.

After a night of hard rain the sun was out this morning and practice was able to begin on time at 10:00am.  The track still had some damp patches when practice began but by noon it was fully dry.  Martin Siegrist set the track record in 2009 with a time of 1:58.276.  No one was able to touch the record on Friday.  As the track conditions continue to improve maybe the times will drop.

The 2010 IGSA World Cup Series is testing the Worlds best downhill skateboarders under all sorts of conditions on many different types of tracks.  This weekend's race is completely different than a week ago in France.  It is looking to be a very interesting weekend.


Padova Grand Prix
1st Run Qualifying Leaders

1. Ramon Konigshausen, Switzerland     1:59.82
2. Douglas Silva, Brazil                            2:00.87
3. Dominik Kowalski, Germany                2:01.23
4. Jackson Shapiera, Australia                 2:01.41
5. Patrick Switzer, Canada                       2:01.68
6. Andrew Chapman, Canada                  2:01.75
7. Nicolas Robert, Switzerland                 2:01.80
8. Luke Melo, Canada                              2:01.91 
9. Scoot Smith, Canada                           2:02.15
10. John Barnet, Canada                         2:02.46

Teolo World Cup
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