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Mischo Erban Wins The World Championship!
mischo-win sun
Mischo Erban Wins the Malarrara Pro Teutonia and is crowned 2011 IGSA World Champion.  Photo Liz Kinnish

Teutonia, Brazil - Mischo Erban steam rolled his way through todays final heats to earn a dramatic win in today's Malarrara Pro Teutonia IGSA World Championships.  Erban rode a solid and perfect race as he picked off his rivals one by one.

Mischo Kevin sm
Mischo Erban heads to victory in the semi's over Kevin Reimer.  Photo Liz Kinnish

In the Semi-Finals, Erban squared off against the number one qualifier and defending Teutonia Champion Kevin Reimer.  In what was probably the most important heat race of his life, Erban handily beat the two-time World Champion to earn a birth in the final.  In the other Semi-Final Danky Dean pulled off a huge upset when he defeated his fellow countryman and pre-race favorite Douglas Silva.  The World Championship showdown was set between Erban the Canadian vs Dean the Brazilian.
Silva Reimer sm
Douglas Silva and Kevin Reimer raced to a photo finish in the Consolation Final.  Photo Liz Kinnish

Before the Final was run, there was another showdown between Reimer and Silva in the Consolation Final.  The two close friends raced each other hard for third place giving each other no quarter.  As they came over the line it was too close to call requiring a video review to determine who finished third.  Eventually it was Silva who was awarded third place by IGSA Chief Steward Norman Kinnish.

Finally it was tme for the final.  The massive crowd was on it's feet waiting in anticipation to cheer on their fellow countryman Dean and Erban who they fell in love with when he won in 2009.  As they came into view, it was clear that there would be no denying Erban his first IGSA World Championship.  He had a commanding lead over Dean that he held all the way to the line.
Silva 2
Mischo Erban heads to the line with a huge lead over Danky Dean in the Final.  Photo Liz Kinnish

For Erban, the win was especially sweet.  After winning the World Cup Series in 2009, Erban made wholesale equipment and sponsorship changes.  He started his own deck and truck company along with switching wheel sponsors.  Since then, Erban has struggled to return to his dominant form.  There have been flashes of brilliance but he'd gone winless in World Cup competition for the past two seasons.  Erban has worked tirelessly to dial in his equipment and reach peak conditioning.  Today it finally all came together as he won the biggest race of his life.

Malarrara Pro Teutonia IGSA World Championships
Open Downhill Skateboarding
Top Ten

1. Mischo Erban, Canada
2. Danky Dean, Brazil
3. Douglas Silva, Brazil
4. Kevin Reimer, Canada
5. Otavio Munhoz, Brazil
6. Max Ballesteros, Brazil
7. James Kelly, United States
8. Ricardo Reis, Brazil
9. Patrick Switzer, Canada
10. Thiago Lessa, Brazil

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