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Dillon Stephens Wins in Tarma
Dillon Stephens earned the first World Cup Victory of his career.  Barbara Britvin

Tarma, Peru - Dillon Stephens from Vancouver, Canada earned the first IGSA World Cup victory of his career today at the Copa de los Andes in Tarma, Peru.  Stephens had run strong in qualifying on both Friday and Saturday but his victory still came as a surprise.

The biggest surprise of the day belonged to Peruvian Felipe Malaga who came into this weekends race virtually unknown outside of Peru.  Finishing in third was last years winner Douglas Silva from Brazil.  Patrick Switzer had his four race World Cup winning streak come to an end when he finished fourh.

Switzer, Silva, Stephens and Malaga lined up for the rain soaked final with Switzer and Silva heavily favored.  Silva seemed to hesitate for a moment off the line enabling Switzer to pull out a quick lead of about seven meters (21").  Switzer's lead was short lived however as Silva used his monster push and heavier weight to pull in the advantage.  By the time they reached the fist turn they were side by side and the battle was on. They stayed close for the first three turns until they touched and crashed.

Both Stephens and Malaga took advantage moving into first and second respectively.  Switzer and Silva were able to get back on their boards but for them, the race was lost.  Stephens held on to to the lead for the remainder of the race to earn his first World Cup victory.  Malaga in his first ever World Cup race held on to finish second.  It was a hugely popular result for the hometown hero.  Silva recovered quicker than Switzer to grab the final podium spot.

Copa de los Andes
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Top Ten Final Results

1. Dillon Stephens, Canada
2. Felipe Malaga, Peru
3. Douglas Silva, Brazil
4. Patrick Switzer, Canada
5. Jackson Shapiera, Australia
6. Travis Craig, Canada
7. Alex Tongue, United States
8. Danky Ovalhe, Brazil
9. Max Ballesteros, Brazil
10. Diego Alemparte, Chile
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