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Switzer Qualifies Number One
Patrick Switzer continued his World Cup dominance by qualifying number one.  Photo Diego Cardena

Tarma, Peru – During todays final qualifying session for tomorrows Copa de los Andes in Tarma, Peru, Patrick Switzer set a blisteringly quick second qualification time. The Canadian confirmed his 2011 dominance by posting a time of 3:06.756 taking the lead nearly a full second in front of yesterday’s leader, Brazilian Douglas Silva.

Switzer is seeking an uprecedented fifth World Cup victory in a row this weekend.  Conditions were perfect for the second qualification run, which followed a morning of practice runs. A large crowd of colorful, local spectators turned out to watch the stunning spectacle of riders tearing through the Andean hills in their bids to secure good qualification times.

Felipe Malaga sm
Felipa Malaga is the quickest of the Peruvian riders in seventh.  Photo Luis Morales
Australian Jackson Shapiera moved into the number three position. After placing second in yesterday’s timed session, Canadian Dillon Stephens was able to improve his previous time by nearly two full seconds but still dropped a few spots. He start tomorrow’s race from the number four spot. After spending Friday suffering from an illness, Mischo Erban rebounded to earn the number five qualifying position. American James Kelly had a solid run placing him in the number six spot. Peruvian rider Felipe Malaga, improved his position by one place, he now lies in seventh place and remains the top local contender.
Daniel Padua sm
Brazilian Jr II rider Danial Padua has been impressive this weekend.  Photo Luis Morales

Sixteen year old Brazilian Daniel Padua took a remarkable fifteenth place in the Open downhill class, coming in ahead of some well known names. If Daniel can continue this form, he will certainly be a hot prospect for future stardom. He leads the Junior II class by a convincing four seconds.

  Katie sm

Katie Neilson seems to get faster and faster by the week.  Photo Luis Morales
Katie Neilson carved a further 6.8 seconds off her already fastest time setting a 3:20.011. She looks unassailable in the Women’s class is now well placed within the Open Downhill class as well. Maria Nunez from Peru will start from the number two spot while Ishta Backlund from Sweden willl start third.

Tomorrow is Race Day and will certainly deliver exciting close racing in this first ever Peruvian round of the IGSA World Cup Series.

Copa de los Andes
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Qualifying leaders

1. Patrick Switzer, Canada                3:06.756
2. Douglas Silva, Brazil                     3:07.728
3. Jackson Shapiera, Australia         3:08.256
4. Dillon Stephens, Canada              3:08.630
5. Mischo Erban, Canada                 3:10.835
6. James Kelly, United States           3:10.907
7. Felipe Malaga, Peru                     3:11.308
8. Danky Ovalhe, Brazil                    3:11.509
9. Max Ballesteros, Brazil                 3:11.512
10. Diego Alemparte, Argentina       3:11.653
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