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Erban completes his perfect weekend
ESD09 4-1
Patrick Switzer leads Mischo Erban in the Downhill Skateboard Final.  Photo Dean McNeill

Eastbourne, England- Mischo Erban completed his sweep of the 2009 Eastbourne Speed Days IGSA World Cup race with a dominant performance.  He laid back and dropped to fourth at the start and then picked off his opponents one by one before pulling away at the finish line.

Scoot Smith and Patrick Switzer had an incredibly close finish that required careful video analysis before second place could be awarded.  Switzer came on really strong at the finish but eventually it was determined that Scoot had crossed the line first.  Finishing in fourth place was Christoffer Sanne from Sweden.

ESD09-4 2
William Brunson slides sideways in the 2nd round as Christoffer Sanne steers to avoid him.  Photo Dean McNeill
ESD09 3-2-1
Brunson crashes out and Sanne goes on to win the heat and eventually finish 4th overall.  Photo Dean McNeill 

Third place qualifier William Brunson crashed in the second round and was knocked out of the race.  There was some controversy that he had been pushed by eventual fourth place finisher Christoffer Sanne but after a lengthy conversation with the course marshall's and with Race Director Norman Kinnish who witnessed the incident, it was determined that Brunson had slid out on his own at the same time that Sanne had lightly touched him to make him aware of his presence.  Photos later confirmed the Officials interpretation of the incident. 
ESD09 4-5
Sanne leads Scoot, Switzer and Erban in the final but dropped to fourth at the line.  Photo David Bauckham

#1 qualifier Erban, #2 qualifier Smith, #4 qualifier Switzer and #6 qualifier Sanne lined up for the Downhill Skateboarding final.  Sanne took the early lead followed by Smith in second, Switzer third and Erban hanging back in fourth.  As they came through the the first corner of the "S-Bend" complex they remained in this order with Scoot in hot pursuit of Sanne, Switzer picking up Scoot's draft and Mischo railing the corners and gaining a massive amount of speed on the three riders in front of him.   Scoot made it around Sanne in the second part of the "S-Bend" and Mischo did the same to Switzer. 

As they entered the long left curve at the top of the straightaway, Mischo blew by Sanne first and then Scoot to take the lead.  Switzer moved around Sanne and took off set his sights on Scoot.  As they made their way down the straightaway, Mischo pulled away from the other three skaters.  Switzer inched forward on Scoot until they were virtually in a dead heat at the line but he came up just short of beating him. 
Eastbourn Podium- 1st Erban, 2nd Smith and 3rd Switzer.  Photo David Bauckham

Dasha Kornienko Wins the Women's Downhill
ESD09 4-6
Dasha Kornienko won all three heats in Women's Skateboarding.  Photo David Bauckham
Canadian Dasha Kornienko won her second World Cup race of the season.  The ladies raced in three heats moto-x style earning points for each finish.  Dasha won all three of her heats to earn the victory.  Finishing in second was Ishatar Backlund from Sweden.  Third was awarded to Kim Edwards from Great Britain.
Martin Klawitter Wins Junior Downhill Skateboarding 
ESD09 4-7
Martin Klawitter leads Hakon Wegge and Robert Micke in the Junior Final.  Photo Dean McNeill

In Junior Downhill Skateboarding, Martin Klawitter from Sweden won all three of his heats to win the race.  There were twelve juniors competing in the class.  Hakon Wegge from Norway finished in second.  Finishing in third was Robert Micke from Great Britain.  Everyone was really stoked to see the Junior Class growing and becoming more competitive.
 ESD09 4-8
There was plenty of action all weekend in the "S-Bend".  Photo Dean McNeill
Eliot Wins in Street Luge for Britain 
ESD09 4-9
Street Luge Podium- 1st Eliot, 2nd Labarthe, 3rd Stephenson (absent) as Race Director Norman Kinnish looks on. 
Peter Eliot from London, England gave the local fans plenty to cheer about with his dominant performance in Street Luge.  The 2002 IGSA World Cup Series Champion put on a dominant performance by first earning the number one qualifying position on Saturday and then winning all of his heats enroute to his second World Cup victory of the season.  Finishing in second place was Yvon Labarthe from Switzerland.  Labarthe also has two World Cup victories this season and the two veteran racers are looking forward to a showdown at the World Championships in Bathurst, Australia.

ESD09 Luge
Stephenson leads Labarthe, Eliot and McBride in the Street Luge Final.  Photo David Bauckham
Finishing in third was Englishman William Stephenson.  Stephenson and fourth place finisher Chris McBride from the Unitd States were locked in a tight battle as they crossed the finish line.  After crossing the finish line Stephenson got a slight wobble causing he and McBride to touch at nearly 100 km/h (62 mph).  After the initial contact was made both riders lost control and were sent tumbling down the track at full speed in a very scary high speed incident.  Both riders came to a rest on the track.  McBride was able to get up under his own power and only suffered some bruising.  Stephenson was complaining of pain in both of his arms.  The medical staff were on scene immediately  and transported him to the local hospital.  So far the medical reports are good with no serious injuries being reported. 
Serek wins in Classic Luge 
ESD09 4-10
Dr. Michael "The Flying Dentist" Serek won his 2nd World Cup race of the year.  Photo Dean McNeill
Dr. Michael Serek is having an incredible season of racing in Classic Luge.  The two time and defending IGSA World Champion in Classic Luge won his second race of the season.  Finishing in second was William Stephenson.  Peter Eliot earned the final podium spot with his third place finish.  In the four World Cup races that have been held so far in 2009, Serek has two firsts, a second and a third.  He appears set to win his third IGSA World Cup Series title in a row. 
Many called Eastbourne the best organized event of the 2009 Euro Tour.  Even though the event organizers lost their title sponsor in the final weeks before the event, the Eastbourogh Council decided to forge ahead with the race anyway.  The weather all weekend was perfect and Race Director Norman Kinnish did a magnificent job of organizing the event.  There were record crowds for Sunday's final rounds and they all stayed through the finals.  Now the World Cup Series shifts gears and heads for North America for the Maryhill Festival of Speed.  We'll have daily race reports here at
ESD09 4-11
A panoramic view of the spectacular "Eastbourne Ampitheater."  Photo Dean McNeill

Eastbourne Speed Days Final Results

Downhill Skateboarding

1. Mischo Erban, Canada
2. Scoot Smith, Canada
3. Patrick Switzer, Canada
4. Christoffer Sanne, Sweden
5. Oliver Nielson, Denmark
6. Jackson Shapiera, Australia
7. Alexander D'Elia Martin, Spain
8. Phillipe Albiz, Sweden
9. Chris Vanstone, Great Britain
10. Max Stamler, Austria

Women's Downhill Skateboarding

1. Dasha Kornienko, Canada
2. Ishatar Backlund, Sweden
3. Kim Edwards, Great Britain

Junior Downhill Skateboarding

1. Martin Klawitter, Sweden
2. Hakon Wegge, Norway
3. Robert Mckie, Great Britain
4. Fredrik Wangsten, Sweden
5. Jesse Tighe, Great Britain

Street Luge

1. Peter Eliot, Great Britain
2. Yvon Labarthe, Switzerland
3. William Stephenson, Great Britain
4. Chris McBride, United States
5. Fabien Prual, France

Classic Luge

1. Michael Serek, Austria
2. William Stephenson, Great Britain
3. Peter Eliot, Great Britain
4. Maxime Rubi, France
5. Craig Deltour, France

Inline Board (Dirtsurfer)

1. Andreas Pfister, Germany
2. Ian Martland, Great Britain
3. Phillip Barnes, Great Britain
4. Tim Mellor, Great Britain
5. Chris Isherwood, Great Britain

Gravity Bike

1. David Stinton, Great Britain
2. Greg Bailey, Great Britain
3. Peter Davies, Great Britain
4. Alex Frischauf, Austria
5. Scott Hallman, Great Britain
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