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Switzer Qualifies #1 Again Switzer Qual 2
Patrick Switzer was fastest on both Friday and Saturday.  Photo Dave Kesler
Insul Germany- Patrick Switzer has earned the number one qualifying position for the second World Cup in a row.  The winner of last weekends Kozakov Challenge set the quickest time of both qualifying runs.  Saturday's second qualifying session conditions were not as ideal as those on Friday.  Most of the riders who qualified in the top 10 on Friday were not able to improve their times.  Switzer ran a 2:24.824 on Friday and a 2:25.940 on Saturday.  Both runs were the quickest of the respective sessions.

Siegrist Qual 2Martin Siegrist will start second.  Photo Dave Kessler

Chapman Qual 2

Andrew Chapman is looking for his first World Cup win.  Photo Dave Kessler

Konigshausen Qual 2

Ramon Konigshausen moved up to qualify fourth.  Photo Dave Kessler

Tongue Qual 2
American Alex Tongue will start sixth.  Photo Dave Kessler

Rufli Qual 2
Veteran Stefan Rufli will start seventh.  Photo Dave Kessler

Hertler Qual 2
Sebastian Hertler is a threat starting from seventh.  Photo Dave Kessler

N Robert Qual 2
Nicolas Robert starts ninth.  Photo Dave Kessler

Fuchs Qual 2
Bruno Fuchs will start tenth.  Photo Dave Kessler

Martin Siegrist and Andrew Chapman were both unable to improve on their Friday times but were still quick enough to hold on to the number two and three qualifying positions respectively.  Maryhill winner Ramon Konigshausen was able to improve on his Friday time.  He set a time of 2:27.483 to move past Boris Shinke into the number four position.  Shinke will start fifth.  Alex Tongue from the United States on his first Euro Tour will start sixth followed by Stefan Rufli in seventh and Sebastian Hertler in eighth.  Nicolas Robert moved up one position and will start ninth.  Bruno Fuchs held on to start tenth.
Kolpatzik Qual 2
Local Stefan Kolpatzik is the surprise of the weekend stating eleventh.  Photo Dave Kessler

The feel good story of the day was definitely Stefan Kolpatzik.  He lives in the village of Insul. Everyone was stoked to see an almost completly unknown rider racing in his home town, qualify eleventh.  It will be interesting to see how he fares in the race.  One thing is certain, he will have the biggest cheering section on Sunday.
Katie Neilson goes for the Three-Peat
Katie Qual 2
Katie Neilson will be going for her third World Cup victory in a row.  Photo Dave Kessler

Katie Neilson seems to be getting stronger and stronger with each race.  After winning Maryhill and Kozakov she will be going for her third World Cup win in a row here in Insul.  Rebekka Gemperle will start second.  She has been suffering from a head and chest cold all weekend and not feeling her best.  Still she was able to improve on her Friday time and is planning to give katie a fight in the race.  2009 World Cup Series Champion Dasha Kornienko will start third.

Echegaray and Serek Pace the Luge Classes

Echegaray Qual 2
Mikel Echegaray-Diez has been impressive in 2011.  Photo Dave Kessler
Mikel Echegaray-Diez continued his domination of the street luge class earning his second number one qualifying position of the year.  Yvon Labarthe will start second and Michael Serek will start third.  Michael Muller will start in the number four position and Will Stephenson will start fifth.
Serek Qual 2
The Flyng Dentist is the one to beat once again in Classic Luge.  Photo Dave Kessler
In Classic Luge, Dr Michael Serek continues his mastery of the category by qualifying number one.  Mikel Echegaray-Diez seems to be the only one who might be able to give Serek a fight.  Yvon Labarthe starts third and Joachim Lang fourth.  Helene Schmit continues to impress with her speed.  She will start from the fifth position in Sunday's race.
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