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Silva Breaks his own track record Silva Teu 09
Douglas Silva broke his own hill record that he set last year.

Teutonia, Brazil-  Under warm and sunny skies, practice and the first round of qualifying got underway for the Malarrara Pro Teutonia today in Brazil.  After last years torrential rains that practically washed out the entire event, everyone was happy to be riding under ideal conditions.

After a series of warm up and practice runs to get riders aquainted with the intense speeds of the Teutonia course, it was time for qualifying.

Mischo Teu 09
Mischo Erban wound up 2nd after day one.

Douglas Silva shattered his own track record with a time of 1:18.711.  He set the record last year with a time of 1:20.452.  He was followed in second by Mischo Erban with a time of 1:20.670.  Three time World Champion Martin Siegrist qualified in third at 1:21.112.  In fourth was two-time Teutonia winner Kevin Reimer at 1:21.581.  Rounding out the top five was Brazilian Garcia Silon at 1:22.847.

Siegrist teu 09

Martin Siegrist is making his second appearance at Teutonia.

 Stephenson teu 09

Will Stephenson describes Teutonia as feeling like you're free falling.

Will Stephenson from Worcester, England ran the quickest time of the day with a 1:17.443 to earn the provisional pole position.  He was followed in second by Leo Borton at 1:18.171.  Mario Jardim was third at 1:19.326, Chris McBride in fourth at 1:19.897 and Lauro Bundish rounded out the top five with a 1:22.169.

Johnson Teu 09

Andreas Johnson made the trek from Sweden to Brazil.

Chris McBride broke his own Teutonia track record with a time of 1:23.900.  His run eclipsed the time of 1:27.113 that he set last year.  Qualifying second was Andreas Johnson from Sweden with a time of  1:25.026.  Rafael Silva was third with a time of 1:26.179.  Will Stephenson crashed on his qualifying attempt.  He was able to continue and posted a time of 1:35.930.

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