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Brazilian Luge Racers Clean Up At Teutonia
Walter kinnish sm
Watler Riberio prepairs to pass Leo Borton in the Semi-Final.  Photo Liz Kinnish

Teutonia, Brazil - The international luge racers who showed up at Teutonia thinking that easy World Cup points would be on offer were in for a big shock. The Brazilian riders, Walter Ribeiro, Denis Araujo and friends had put in lots of practice on similar hills and soon got dialled in to the steepness of the Teutonia race course.

Typically the Brazilian riders cut the rolling resistance of their luges by running only two trucks and know that the non technical nature of the hills mean that grip and turn in are not the key issues.

They dealt with the visiting riders in convincing fashion. World Champion Peter Eliot from Great Britain was a first round casualty to Jonathon Ogralhy who himself went out in the second round. Abdil Mahdzan and Chris McBride did not survive the first round despite the form book saying that should have been making easy meat of the competition.

Street Luge Podium: L-R 1st Ribeiro, 2nd Araujo, 3rd Borton.  Photo Liz Kinnish

Walter Ribeiro rode his way to the World Championship Final with a second round victory over Ogralhy followed and then a win in the Semi over Leo Borton. A thrilling World Championship Final ensued with a close victory over Dennis Araujo.  Leo Borton earned third place by winning the Consolation Final over Elcio Monteiro.

Malarrara Pro Teutonia
Street Luge
Top Ten

1. Walter Ribeiro, Brazil
2. Dennis Araujo, Brazil
3. Leo Borton, Brazil
4. Elcio Monteiro, Brazil
5. Tiago Antunes, Brazil
6. Rodolpho Saldanha, Brazil
7. Alexandre Machado, Brazil
8. Jonathon Ogralhy, Brazil
9. Jades Wolverine, Brazil
10. Pete Eliot, Great Britain

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