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Reimer Wins with 116.13 km/h!!! (72.16 mph)
Reimer 2 sm

Teutonia Brazil – One of the unique aspects of the Malarrara Pro Teutonia is that each year a speed run competition is held.  Last year Mischo Erban set the Speed Record for Downhill Skateboarding with a run of 113.02 km/h.  Today it appeared to be a four-way battle between the top four qualifiers Douglas Silva, Kevin Reimer, Everton Alves and Erban.

Erban was the first of the four to go.  His speed of 115.21 km/h broke his year old track record and set the bar very high for the others.  Rider after rider made attempts but no one could match Mischo’s speed.  Alves tried but couldn’t with 111.02 km/h run.

The final two riders down the hill would be Reimer and Silva.  Reimer went first and put in a blistering speed of 116.13 km/h to raise the speed record again and push Erban back to second.  The final rider of the day was Silva.  After his dominating time in qualifying plus his enormous experience on the hill, everyone was anticipating big speed from “Dalua.”  It was not to be.  Silva went through the timing trap with a speed of 114.77 km/h.  It was only good enough for third.  Reimer was stoked to get the Teutonia speed record over tough competitors like Silva and Erban. 

Malarrara Pro Teutonia Speed Run
Downhill Skateboarding Top Ten

1. Kevin Reimer, Canada               116.13 km/h

2. Mischo Erban, Canada               115.21 km/h

3. Douglas Silva, Brazil                   114.77 km/h

4. Danky Ovalhe, Brazil                  112.62 km/h

5. Erik Lundberg, Sweden               111.98 km/h

6. Graham Buksa, Canada             111.44 km/h

7. Thiago Gomes, Brazil                 111.39 km/h

8. Everton Alves, Brazil                   111.02 km/h

9. Vinicius Brasil, Brazil                   110.42 km/h

10. Max Ballesteros, Brazil             110.41 km/h

Ribiero Sets IGSAStreet Luge Record at 133.82 km/h! (83.15 mph)

Watching a street luge make a high speed run at Teutonia is unlike any other race in the world.  Street luge’s at Teutonia are nothing but a blur as they fly down the final straightaway.  Even veteran downhill skateboarders will take a step or two back from the straw bales when the street luges are on course.  The speed is that intense.  Chris McBride set the Speed Record last year with a 129.87 km/h blast down Teutonia.  This year there were a large number of Brazilian riders intent on reclaiming the record.  In the end it was Walter Ribeiro setting the new IGSA Street Luge World Speed Record at 133.82 km/h.  Tiago Antunes was second at 133.70 km/h and Leo Borton third at 132.85 km/h. 

Malarrara Pro Teutonia Speed Run
Street Luge Top Ten

1. Walter Ribeiro, Brazil                    133.82 km/h

2. Tiago Antunes, Brazil                    133.70 km/h

3. Leo Borton, Brazil                         132.85 km/h

4. Rodolpho Saldanha, Brazil        132.21 km/h

5. Jacques Alves, Brazil                  131.20 km/h

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