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Switzer Leads First Round Qualifying
Shinke Qual 1
Local "hot shoe" Boris Shinke leaves a trail of smoke on his way to qualifying 4th.  Photo Dave Kessler

Insul, Germany- Qualifying for the Insul Cup got underway today under overcast conditions. Rain had been predicted all week so everyone was elated to be riding in the dry.  The big story of the day was the complete breakdown of radio communications.

The organizers have rented a top of the line system complete with repeaters but there were big technical problems making it nearly impossible for the course workers and also timing and scoring to communicate. This resulted in big delays and a long day for everyone.

Switzer Qual 1
Patrick Switzer is once again the skater to beat.  Photo Dave Kessler

Patrick Switzer was the first skater down the hill in qualifying and set a blistering 2:24.824. He then sat down and watched 133 others try to beat him. Martin Siegrist came the closest with a time 2:25.927. Andrew Chapman was third posting a time of 2:26.234. Local Boris Shinke was fourth with a 2:27.501. Maryhill winner Ramon Konigshausen rounded out the top five with a 2:27.546.

Siegrist Qual 1
Martin Siegrist sits in 2nd place after the first qualifying run.  Photo Dave Kessler

Chapman Qual 1
Andrew Chapman is looking strong in third position. Photo Dave Kessler

Konigshausen Qual 1
Ramon Konigshausen is within striking distance in fifth.  Photo Dave Kessler

Insul Cup
Run #1 Qualifying Leaders

1. Patrick Switzer, CAN 2:24.824
2. Martin Siegrist, SUI. 2:25.234
3. Andrew Chapman, CAN. 2:26.234
4. Boris Shinke, GER. 2:27.501
5. Ramon Konigshausen, SUI 2:27.546
6. Alex Tongue, USA. 2:27.645
7. Stefan Rufli, SUI. 2:27.819
8. Sebastian Hertler, GER. 2:28.317
9. Bruno Fuchs, SUI. 2:28.931
10. Nicolas Robert, SUI. 2:28.955

Insul Town
Downtown Insul located in the Eifel Region of Germany.  Photo Dave Kessler

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