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Brianne Davies Three-peats!!
Brianne Podium
Brianne Davies shows off her $750 check for 1st place in Women's Downhill Skateboarding.  Photo John Ozman

Goldendale, WA, USA - Brianne Davies continued her domination of Women's Downhill Skateboarding with a convincing win at Maryhill.  Davies was the #1 qualifier and l won all of her heats enroute to her victory.

She looked set to have a good battle with her arch rival Katie Neilson who qualified in the #2 position, but Katie injured her foot in a crash and was unable to give a serious challenge.

Katie Neilson
Katie Neilson was hoping to give Brianne a serious challenge until she was injured.  Photo SB Smith Photography
Finishing in second was Dominique Vukorep who is having a great first season of downhill skateboard racing.  In third was Glenna Evans and fourth was Glenna Evans.

2009 Maryhill Festival of Speed
Skatera Women's Downhill Skateboarding

1. Brianne Davies, Canada
2. Dominique Vukorep, Canada
3. Emilie Hebert, Canada
4. Glenna Evans, Canada
5. Vanessa Kapka, Canada
6. Katie Neilson, Canada
7. Christin Gregerson, Canada
8. Kim Startup, Canada
9. Renee Bayly, New Zealand
10. Carley Richardson, Canada

Micah Green Wins Junior II's

Micah Green
Micah Green was the winner of the largest Junior II field in history.  Photo Marcus Rietema
39 Junior II Downhill Skateboarders between from ages of 14 -17 participated in the largest under 18 race in history.  When the dust (and rain) settled, Micah Green was the winner of the final.  Finishing in second was Calvin Staub with Justin Readings earning the final podium spot.  Finishing in fourth place was Davis Vannasing in fourth and number one Junior II qualifier Nick Jean in fifth. Geroge Mackenzie finished in sixth.
A group of junior racers conversing in the start area.  Photo Marcus Rietema

2009 Maryhill Festival of Speed
Junior II Downhill Skateboarding
(Ages 14-17)

1. Micah Green, United States
2. Calvin Staub, United States
3. Justin Readings, Canada
4. Davis Vannasing, United States
5. Nick Jean, Canada
6. George Mackenzie, Canada
7. Riley Harris, Canada
8. Alex Tongue, United States
9. Nick Ronzani, United States
10. Luke Melo, Canada
11. Timothy Delrosario, United States
12. Nicholas Calafato, United States

Liam Morgan Wins Junior I's
Rojas Jr
Samual Rojas Jr was the #1 Qualifier in Junior I's and finished 3rd in the race.  Photo Marcus Rietema

Liam Morgan was the winner of the Junior I Downhill Skateboarding race for 8-13 year old competitors.  Finishing in second was Ryan Hefferman.  Number one qualifier Samual Rojas Jr finished in third place.  Blake Eaton finished in fourth.  A total of 11 competitors raced in four rider heats to determine the winner.
Bryan Sheehy
Bryan Sheehy finished in seventh place.  Photo Marcus Rietema
Quinn "Pocketknife" Dubois standing up through Seismic Cowzer Corner.  Photo Marcus Rietema

2009 Maryhill Festival of Speed
Junior II Downhill Skateboarding Results
(Ages 8-13)

1. Liam Morgan, United States
2. Ryan Hefferman, United States
3. Samual Rojas Jr. United States
4. Blake Eaton, United States
5. Jake D'Amato, United States
6. Quinn Dubois, Canada
7. Bryan Sheehy, United States
8. Mateo Bilyeu, United States
9. Marco Narciso, United States
10. Enzo Narciso, United States
11. Maxim Moisanen, United States
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