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 Mischo breaks Siegrist's qualifying recordMischo Finish
Mischo Erban crosses the finish line to qualify #1.  Photo John Ozman

 Goldendale, WA, USA - Mischo Erban broke Martin Siegrist's year old qualifying record of 3:08.442 when he turned in a time of 3:07.139 to earn the #1 qualifying position for tomorrow's Open Downhill Skateboard final.  James Kelly finished in the #2 position with a time of 3:07.500 followed by Nathan Lang in 3rd with a 3:07.681.

Patrick Switzer finished in the #4 position with a time of 3:07.938.  Rounding out the top five was Nick Jean who finished only 1/1000th of a second behind Switzer with a 3:07.939.  Jean's performance also made him the #1 Junior II qualifier.

Kelly Finish
James Kelly crosses the finish line during qualifying.  Photo John Ozman

Saturday's weather forecast called for an 80% chance of rain so it didn't look like the second qualifying run would be run under dry conditions.  Fortunately the rain held off and everyone in attendance was treated to an intense final qualifying session.  The riders ran in reverse order of their first run qualifying times.  This meant that the session would finish with yesterday's #1 qualifier Mischo Erban going last. There was a strong tailwind blowing and most of the riders were improving upon yesterdays times.  In the end nine riders beat Martin Siegrist's year old qualifying record.  The drama played out with the announcer calling out the times immediately after each run.  As the times tumbled, the excitement built up and culminated with Mischo's record setting run.

Downhill Skateboarding
Top 10 Qualifiers

1. Mischo Erban, Canada             3:07.193
2. James Kelly, United States       3:07.500
3. Nathan Lang, Canada               3:07.681
4. Patrick Switzer, Canada            3:07.938
5. Nick Jean, Canada                    3:07.939
6. Kevin Reimer, Canada              3:08.076
7. Zak Maytum, United States       3:08.267
8. Scott Smith, Canada                 3:08.400
9. Joel Putrah, United States        3:08.425
10. Douglas Silva, Brazil               3:09.331

Last Chance Qualifier completes the DH Skateboard field
LCQ Finish
Hugh Johnstone won the Last Chance race to earn a spot in Sunday's big race.  Photo Marcus Rietema
Following Saturday's timed qualifiying runs, a "Last Chance Race" was held to determine the final four positions in Sunday's big race.  Those who qualified in positions 1-92 were automatically qualified for the Open final.  Those who qualified in positions 92-140 were placed into a 48-man bracket comprised of 6-man heats.  Just as the riders were preparing to head up the course, the rain started to fall heavily.  The wet conditions didn't seem to damper anyone's spirit's as all the competitors seemed excited to get the opportunity to race.

The conditions were very slippery and there were crashes in every heat.  In the end Hugh Johnstone was the winner, Jeremy Banting was second and Blake Soneff was third.  David Mitchell was 4th to earn the final starting position in Sunday's final.  The race proved to be hugely popular for both the competitors and spectators alike. 
Lang continues to rule Maryhill 
Matthias Lang
Matthias Lang working his magic.  Photo Marcus Rietema

Matthias Lang continued his dominance of Maryhill by lowering his qualifying record by more than 3.5 seconds.  Last year Lang set the record with a time of 3:05.641.  Since he set the quick time yesterday he went last in today's session.  First Mike McIntyre beat his record by turning in a 3:04.919.  Next up John Rogers lowered the mark to 3:04.087 and many thought he would end up the number one qualifier.  Andy Lally came next and turned in an amazing 3:03.869.  Finally it was Lang's turn.  As he crossed the finish line the time was announced and astonished everyone.  Matthias turned in a 3:01.908 to earn the #1 qualifying position and place the qualifying record out of the grasp of his rivals.

Street Luge
Top 6 Qualifiers

1. Matthias Lang, Germany          3:01.908
2. Andy Lally, United States          3:03.869
3. John Rogers, United States      3:04.087
4. Mike McIntyre, United States    3:04.919
5. Justin Toleman, United States  3:06.354
6. David Dean, United States       3:09.129

Davies Qualifies #1 in Women's Downhill Skateboarding
Brianne Davies won a Never Summer Snowboard for Qualifying #1.  Photo John Ozman

Brianne Davies continued her dominance of Women's Downhill Skateboarding when she qualified #1.  Qualifying in second was Katie Neilson and third was Dominique Vukorep.  Davies received both a Never Summer snowboard and a complete Never Summer skateboard for her efforts.

Women's Downhill Skateboarding
Top 5 Qualifiers

1. Brianne Davies, Canada            3:15.193
2. Katie Neilson, Canada               3:21.621
3. Dominique Vukorep, Canada     3:30.528
4. Glenna Evans, Canada              3:32.639
5. Christin Gregerson, Canada      3:35.585

49 Qualify in Junior DH Skateboarding!
Nick Jean
Nick Jean Qualified #1 in Junior DH Skateboarding.  Photo Marcus Rietema

Nick Jean turned in a blistering time of 3:07.939 to earn the #1 Qualifying position for the Junior II Downhill Skateboarding race.  His time was also the fifth fastest overall time of the day.  Calvin Staub qualified 2nd, Luke Melo 3rd and Riley Harris 4th.  Micah Green rounded out the the top five.  A record 38 competitors made qualifying attempts for the Junior II race for skaters between the ages of 14-17 years old.

Junior II DH Skateboarding
Top Five Qualifiers

1. Nick Jean, Canada                   3:07.939
2. Calvin Staub, United States     3:11.302
3. Luke Melo, Canada                  3:11.637
4. Riley Harris, Canada                3:14.058
5. Riley Taylor, Canada                3:14.556
 Sam Rojas
Samual Rojas Jr qualified #1 in Junior I Downhill Skateboarding.  Photo John Ozman

In Junior I Downhill Skateboarding for skaters aged 8-13, Samual Rojas Jr. was the #1 qualifier with a time of 3:21.237.  Liam Morgan was 2nd and Blake Eaton qualified 3rd.  A total of 11 Junior I Downhill skateboarders made qualifying attempts.  There are a combined 49 Junior downhill Skateboarders competing at Maryhill this weekend!

Junior I DH Skateboarding
Top Five Qualifiers

1. Samual Rojas Jr. United States    3:21.237
2. Liam Morgan, United States         3:26.494
3. Blake Eaton, United States          3:27.371
4. Ryan Hefferman, United States   3:29.572
5. Jake D'Amato, United States       3:30.948
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