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McIntyre Wins Maryhill Street Luge World Cup  

Street Luge veteran Mike McIntyre showed his dominance by winning the Maryhill Festival of Speed. After qualifying first and winning the Street Luge King of the Hill Event on Saturday, Big Macs confidence was high that he would claim his first IGSA World Cup title.

The Quarterfinals commenced with 21 Street Lugers vying for the win, veterans Chris McBride (USA) and Tim Novak (USA) were eliminated by the tough competition in the first round.

The Semi-finals began with the top twelve qualifiers still in the race. The first would feature Californians Mike McIntyre (USA), Mike Montjoy (USA), Kyle Castaneda (USA), Long Island New York Native Christopher Hicks (USA), Canadian Kolby Parks (CAN) and Washington Native Dan Kasmar. Hicks pulled out to a early lead with Castaneda and McIntyre close behind. Big Mac quickly moved to the front while Parks closed in on Castaneda for third place and the final transfer spot into the finals. Parks close in on Castaneda coming into the ambulance corner and made the pass on the outside. The lead races held the positions and moved onto the next round

The second Semi-final featured 2009 IGSA World Champion Yvon Labarthe (SUI), Californians Christian Conaway (USA), Joe Marshall (USA), Justin Tolman (USA), Bob Ozman (USA) and Canadian Will Condon (CAN). Conaway used his much incredible push to get out in the lead with Labarthe in second, Tolman close behind. Condon and Marshall swapped positions multiple times through the first half of the course before Condon got by for good coming into the first repeater and the patch turn. Condon then set his sights on Tolman and third place. Condon got a good run through the second repeater and passed Tolman through the Nersh straight and held the transfer spot for the finals to the finish.

The Street Luge Finals would feature the top six qualifiers. Conaway again pushed his way into the lead with Labarthe, Hicks, Parks, McIntyre and Condon in tow. McIntyre again started to move through the field to the front but found it more difficult with the tougher and tighter competition. Riders were so close Parks ran over the leathers of McIntyre coming into the first never ending corner while McIntyre moved his way through the field. At the same time Hicks moved passed Labarthe into second place. McIntyre finally started moving forward through Labarthe and Hicks through Backbreaker and Ambulance corner then he set his sights on Conaway and the race win. Mac would grab the lead coming into the second Repeater and would never look back. There was a close battle at the finish between Labarthe, Conaway and Parks for second to fourth with Parks attempting to steal the last position by stretching down on his board at the line.

Street Luge Final Results

1 Michael Mcintyre USA

2 Yvon Labarthe SUI

3 Christian Conaway USA 

4 Kolby Parks CAN

5 Christopher Hicks USA

6 William Condon CAN

7 Joe Marshall USA

8 Kyle Castaneda USA

9 Justin Tolman USA

10 Daniel Kasmar USA

11 Mike Montjoy USA

12 Bob Ozman USA

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