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James Kelly leads first day qualifying at Padova PGP 1-1
James Kelly (USA) continues to impress.  Photo Bob Ozman

Teolo, Italy- James Kelly and his teammate Louis Pilloni continue to take downhill skateboarding to a new level.  During first round qualifying for today for Sunday’s Padova Grand Prix Kelly and Pilloni qualified first and second.  The California duo have taken Europe by storm this Summer with their incredible speed and no hands down style.

PGP 1-2
Mischo Erban finished third on day one.  Photo Bob Ozman

PGP 1-3
Peyragudes winner Pilloni is looking strong in second.  Photo Bob Ozman

Current IGSA World Cup Series points leader Mischo Erban was third with fellow Canadians Patrick Switzer and Scoot Smith rounding out the top five.  All five skaters were separated by less than one second on the twisty and highly technical Padova Grand Prix course.  The course features a high-speed top sections followed by a seven hairpins and another high-speed section leading to the finish.

64 Downhill Skateboarders took qualifying runs today.  Tomorrow afternoon the skateboarders will get a second run to determine their final starting positions for Sunday’s race.
PGP 1-4
Martin Siegrist sits in sixth only 1.1 seconds from the front.  Photo Bob Ozman

Padova Grand Prix
Downhill Skateboard Qualifying Run #1

1. James Kelly            United States         2:00.154
2. Louis Pilloni             United States        2:00.365
3. Mischo Erban          Canada                 2:00.893
4. Patrick Switzer        Canada                 2:01.005
5. Scott Smith              Canada                2:01.121
6. Martin Siegrist         Switzerland           2:01.231
7. Jackson Shapiera    Australia               2:01.425
8. Christoph Batt          Switzerland          2:02.747
9. Erik Lundberg          Sweden                2:02.799
10. Adam Yates           Australia               2:03.473

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