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Two time World Champion Kevin Reimer Leads the List of Entries
Kozakov, Czech Republic - Practice got underway today for the Kozakov Challenge under beautiful, sunny skies.  The race is historic in that it is the first IGSA World Cup event to ever be held in a former Eastern Bloc country.  The organizers have pulled out all the stops, putting together an incredible event.  Many of the riders are saying the track is the best of the 2010 Euro Tour.

Two time World Champion Kevin Reimer leads the list of entries that also includes every other downhill skateboarder currently ranked in the top ten of 2010 points.  Reimer is back i action after winning the first two events of the Euro tour and then skipping the third race in Teolo, Italy.  Patrick Switzer was the winner in Teolo so Kozakov will be a show down of sorts for European supremecy.  Three-time World Champion is also in attendance fresh off of his win at last weekends European Championships in Insul Germany.  2007 IGSA World Cup Series Champion Erik Lundberg is also in attendance.

The weather forecast for the weekend is calling for rain on both Friday and Saturday.  Because of this the organizers have decided to run both qualifying runs on Thursday.  They will then wait and hope for a window of opportunity to run the race on either Friday or Saturday.  If dry conditions don't materialize on either day, the final results will be determined by today's two qualifying runs.  That will make today's qualifying extra important.  We will have live updates throughout qualifying on our IGSA twitter page and of course full results here after the event.

Current IGSA Downhill Skateboarding Top Ten

1. Kevin Reimer, Canada                                         1716.06
2. Patrick Switzer, Canada                                     1710.35
3. Christoph Batt, Switzerland                               1596.96
4. Ramon Konigshausen, Switzerland                  1561.50
5. Scoot Smith, Canada                                         1553.30
6. Douglas Silva, Brazil                                          1522.41
7. Andrew Chapman, Canada                               1477.60
8. Jackson Shapiera, Australia                              1450.02
9. Stefan Ruefli, Switzerland                                 1417.16
10. Mischo Erban, Canada/Czech Republic           1408.11

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