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Mischo Erban Wins Newton's

DSB Final sm
Douglas Silva leads Mischo Erban, James Kelly and Dillon Stephens in the Final.  Photo Marcus Rietema

Bathurst, Australia - Mischo Erban won todays Open Downhill Skateboarding Final at the Newton's Nation action sports and music festival in Bathurst. The event was live streamed on YouTube and embedded in various skate related websites.

Thousands of downhill skateboarding enthusiests from around the globe were able to log in and witness all of the action live. It was the eighth World Cup victory of Erban's illustrious career and places him firmly at the top of the IGSA's all time World Cup victory list.

There were many surprises throughout the day. Probably the biggest came in the quarter finals when Patrick Switzer, Mischo Erban, Alex Tongue and Duke Degan line up against each other.  Everyone expected to see a great race but Switzer unexpectedly decided to hang back at the start and pushed off gently.  When your racing against top skaters like Erban and Tongue, that's a risky proposition.  The other three riders took off and Switzer was left trying to play catch up.  He never was able to catch the other three and was eliminated.

Semi 2 sm
Silva leads Tongue, Erban and Pilloni in Semi A. Photo Marcus Rietema

In another Quarter Final upset, Kyle Martin was attempting to come from behind on the Con-rod straight by making a double draft pass on Rob McWhinnie and Mikel Jensen.  He went past McWhinnie and then moved to the right to go around Jensen.  At the same time McWhinnie veered to his left also attempting to go around Jensen.  McWhinnie and Martin clipped wheels and both riders went down hard at approximately 100 km/h (62 mph).  James Kelly had been in the lead the whole time so he and Jensen advance to the Semis.
Semi 1 sm
Stephens leads Kelly, Jensen and Batt in Semi B.  Photo Marcus Rietema

The first of the two Semis was contested between Erban, Tongue, Silva and Pilloni.  Silva won the heat with Erban finishing second.  It was the only time Erban finished second all day.  In the second Semi it was Kelly, Jensen, Stephens and yesterdays top ten shootout winner Christoph Batt.  Batt was slow off the line and tried to run down the leaders but came up short.  Kelly and Stephens advanced to the finals.

The Final lined up with Kelly, Stephens, Silva and Erban.  Erban rode a strong and steady final round coming from from last place at the start.  He passed Kelly, Stephens and finally Silva down the Con-Rod straightaway to earn his first IGSA World Cup victory of the 2012 season.  Silva finished second, Stephens third and Kelly fourth.

DSB Final sm
Silva, Erban, Kelly & Stephens exiting Forrest's Elbow in the Final.  Photo Marcus Rietema

Marisa Nunez Dominates The Women's Downhill
Marisa sm
Marisa Nunez dominated the Women's Downhill Race.  Photo Marcus Rietema

Marisa Nunez won all four heats of the Women's Downhill Skateboarding Race.  In each of her heat races, the Peruvian ripper was clearly in control and had no real competition all day.  Ishtar Backlund from Sweden finished second in all four heats and is clearly getting faster as she gains experience. 

Gemma Holland finished third after surviving a violent collision with Magaly McWhinnie in the fourth and final heat.  In that heat Holland was ahead of McWhinnie by a wide margin exiting Forrest's Elbow when she crashed.  After she had picked herself up McWhinnie came speeding toward her.  Gemma tried to move toward the inside of the track but ran directly into Magaly's path.  The impact was big and violent.  Magaly was able to get up quickly but Gemma laid on the track for about 30 seconds until the medics reached her.  After a couple of minutes she amazingly got up and rode down the hill to finish the heat and secure third place in the final standings.

Impact sm
Gemma Holland flies in the air milliseconds after her collision with Magaly McWhinnie.  Photo Marcus Rietema
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