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Adam Persson Qualifies #1 In France


Peyragudes, France - Adam Persson set the fastest time in today's timed qualifying runs for Tomorrow's Odd and Even Qualifying races.  Persson posted a time of 1:44.600 as he looks to make a big move upfrom his current 10th place in the World Cup points this weekend.  After skipping Kozakov and Padova, Kevin Reimer made the trip over from Canada and immediately made his presence felt.  Reimer set the second fastest time with a 1:44.840 

Last weeks Padova Grand Prix winner James Kelly was also looking strong today.  James posted a time of 1:45.140 that put him in the number three qualifying position.  Thiago Gomes Lessa from Brazil was fourth with a time of 1:45.990.  Alex Tongue was fifth with a 1:46.150.

Today's times will be used to seat the riders into brackets for the odd and even qualifying races. Riders who qualified in positions 1-124 will automatically earn a birth on one of the two qualifying races.  Riders who were ranked in positions 1, 3, 5, etc will go into the Odd Bracket.  Riders who were ranked in positions 2, 4, 6, etc will go into the Even Bracket.  Those in positions 125-188 will go into a "Repacharge" or last chance qualifier where they'll race for a place in one of the twin qualifying races.  The top four finishers from the Repacharge will transfer.   The top 32 finishers from each qualifying race will go on to Sunday's 64 rider main event.

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Timed Qualifying Leaders
1. Adam Persson, Sweden                      1:44.600
2. Kevin Reimer, Canada                         1:44.840
3. James Kelly, United States                  1:45.140
4. Thiago Gomes Lessa, Brazil                1:45.990
5. Alex Tongue, United States                  1:46.150
6. Dillon Stephens, Canada                      1:46.270
7. Martin Edoff, Sweden                            1:46.490
8. Mischo Erban, Canada/Czech               1:46.530
9. Patrick Switzer, Canada                         1:46.830
10. Ramon Konigshausen, Switzerland       1:46.940
11. Louis Pilloni, United States                  1:47.230
12. Douglas Silva, Brazil                            1:47.660
13. Zak Maytum, United States                  1:47.830
14. Quin Finnochio, Canada                       1:47.850
15. Pavel Zajic, Czech Republic                 1:48.140
16. Zen Shikaze, Canada/Japan                1:48.480
17. Braden Tibbles, Canada                       1:48.630
18. Jonas Richter, Brazil                             1:48.700
19. Niko Desmarais, Canada                      1:48.830
20. Maxim Garant-Rousseau                      1:49.090

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